Twitter Given Entry In AP Stylebook

    June 11, 2009

Twitter hit another milestone of sorts today, and thanks to this development, members of the mainstream media have more or less lost their last excuse for mangling terms related to the site.  Yes, believe it or not, the Associated Press Stylebook added Twitter. 

Twitter Logo

The AP Stylebook has been around since 1953.  It’s presently over 400 pages in length, and perhaps unlike the Global Language Monitor, is well-respected.  Plus, any inclusion in the Stylebook implies a lot about the subject’s newsworthiness, so Twitter has really arrived in a certain sense.

As for the whole usage issue, Shawn Moynihan writes, "the entry . . . notes that the social networking Web site’s messages are ‘Tweets,’ and the verb forms are to Twitter or to Tweet."  Nothing we’re used to was redefined, then.

People who were on the lookout for the term "Twit" may be disappointed, though, since the AP Stylebook just stayed silent in regards to what Twitter users should be called. 

In other (and older) Twitter-hits-the-mainstream news, Conan O’Brien seems set to dedicate a regular chunk of his show to the micro-blogging site, with a second "Twitter Tracker" segment airing Tuesday night.