Twitter Finally Launches Verified Accounts

Easily see which Twitter accounts are authentic

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Mere moments ago Twitter launched the first leg of its "Verified Accounts" program.

Now celebrities such as Oprah and PuffDaddy P Diddy Diddy (among others) carry the following Verified Account badge.

Twitter Verified Account Badge

What does this mean for everyday Twitter users? The Twitter verified accounts help page says the following…

With this feature, you can easily see which accounts we know are ‘real’ and authentic. That means we’ve been in contact with the person or entity the account is representing and verified that it is approved. (This does not mean we have verified who, exactly, is writing the tweets.)

This also does not mean that accounts without the ‘Verified Account’ badge are fake. The vast majority of accounts on the system are not impersonators, and we don’t have the ability to check 100% of them.

Oprah's Verified AccountCurrently the badge can only be found on a handful of high-profile accounts (celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc.) But, you can expect more to be added as celebrities and other public figures want to prove their legitimacy to followers.

It should be noted that Twitter isn’t testing this feature with businesses yet, but I’d say you could expect this feature fairly soon.

Are you glad Twitter added this feature? Tell us.

Twitter Finally Launches Verified Accounts
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  • OAuth

    How is Twitter going to deem who is a celebrity?

    Sounds like a lot of bruised egos are going to happen.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      This is exactly what I was thinking.

      Someone who has celebrity status here in Kentucky (John Calipari, who has 175,495 followers) … would he be considered a celebrity in California? Probably not.

      Jeremy Muncy

      • MHarr

        John Calipari a celebrity in California? Considering his Memphis Tigers knocked UCLA out of the NCAA tournament a couple months ago, he may not be a “celebrity”, but likely a “villian”. ;)

        • Jeremy Muncy


          Forgot that Memphis bumped UCLA out that year. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to do the same now that he’s at UK ;)

          Jeremy Muncy

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Adam

    I think it makes a lot of sense.

    It should be like getting your PayPal account verified – such as inputting some sort of data to verify. It’s just a means of knowing for absolute sure you’re dealing with a quality user.

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    There’s an article at TecCrunch about this saying that they don’t really verify verified accounts (LoL). Michal Arrington’s account has got that Verified Account sign and they didn’t ask him to verify his account.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      That’s pretty interesting.

      Twitter probably has a handful of users who they know is legit without asking… just my opinion of course

      Jeremy Muncy

  • http://www.christopher-roberts.co.uk/ Christopher

    Cool , I want to do it!

    Nice post, thanks for letting me know :)

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    Great idea but I would assume that this would be a hackers dream. Simply find a way to become verified and people will have their gaurds down and will be easier to take advantage of.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Now that you’ve planted the seed… I’m sure some hacker is working on this in their parents basement.

      Not sure if it’ll ever happen… but only time will tell.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://EasyMoneyMakingIdeas4u.com David

    It’s a great idea but I do see a lot of problems in the execution. First and foremost, who is a celebrity? And another thing, how is Twitter going to verify I am who I say that I am, since it is real easy to photoshop a name onto a scanned document.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I was thinking along these same lines…

      There could be a few bruised egos if Twitter don’t verify certain people.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

      • Jeremy Muncy

        Perez Hilton has a verified Twitter account. Why?

        I know his site is popular… but is he considered a “celebrity”? Or are Twitter users concerned they’re not following the real Perez?

        Probably not.

        Jeremy Muncy
        Follow me on Twitter @jmuncy

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    This will be great feature. It should not limit to celebrity.

  • http://travel-g.blogspot.com Guest

    That is goooood news, i like it. I hope be great feature

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham Maged

    Interesting especially for companies to keep aware that who claim is ‘whatever company’ but I wonder whether normal users obliged to verify their accounts or not. That’s another question

  • http://www.fashion-in-bag.com Replica Designer Handbags

    that’s very good,i agree it.
    Although we are talking in the internet ,i think most people want to make the genuine friend here.

  • http://www.fidelitylocksmith.com Los Angeles Locksmith

    Right approach on time.

  • http://secondchancecheckingbanks.net/ Second Chance Checking

    Lol that is kind of funny they have to verify celebrity accounts

  • http://www.image-recovery-software.com/ image recovery

    This is really a good Information as we can differ between the two when following a person which one is original and which one is fraud. Thanks Twitter for such a nice facility.

  • http://www.fimedia.ca/ Calgary Web Design

    Sounds quite a bit like how Google Maps/Places verifies business’ – if its not your business, makes sense that you can’t edit the listing.

    Agreed with OAuth though, how would Twitter deem who is who in terms of celebrity status afterall?

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