Twitter, Facebook, Google Team Up After Attacks?

Combined force would have better chance of finding culprit

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Just about everyone is familiar with the proverb "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and today, Twitter, Facebook, and Google may have bonded over it.  Rumors indicate that the three companies are jointly trying to determine what was behind some denial of service attacks.

As many people noticed, Twitter suffered an outage this morning.  Facebook experienced intermittent issues, too, and there were reports of problems with Blogger.  Indeed, someone or something seemed to have it in for all sorts of social media sites.

It would make sense for their corporate parents to team up, then, and Adam Ostrow reports, "[A] source close to the situation tells us that Twitter, Facebook, and Google . . . are working together to determine the root of what has been exposed as a deliberate and simultaneous attempt to take down some of the web’s most popular social media sites."

If this is the case, it’s an encouraging instance of companies setting aside rivalries in order to achieve an important goal.  It’s also a sign that the parties responsible for the DDoS attacks are in trouble, since the combined resources of Twitter, Facebook, and Google are pretty formidable.

Who knows?  The founders of all three companies are young and fit.  Maybe we’ll even get to see a corporate America version of "Death Wish" take place.

Twitter, Facebook, Google Team Up After Attacks?
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  • http://gmpoint.net/ games

    well facebook is very strong against this threats,well others need to learn from them,i didn’t heard about any one that braks the walls of facebook before.no one can

    • Diane Strickland

      I am still unable to get into facebook, so I don’t know how true this is.

  • http://www.freewarebb.com/ Freeware

    Personally, I think this is a pointless exercise as even if they do find out who’s behind the DOS attacks the culprits will often be located in countries which are detached from the usual law enforcement ties, our host suffered a similar attack recently and although the FBI were involved he explained that those responsible would most probably be untouchable purely because of their location. My solution to this problem? Threaten those countries harbouring these attacks with communication isolation, either they co-operate with investigations or they risk being severed from the rest of the world – somehow I think they would sit up and listen then!

    • http://www.neo-symmetry.om Buzzed

      Not a bad solution, but I’m sure it would involve some really serious issues. Plus lots of other people would complain about the fact that why should it bes spoiled for everyone when there’s only a few bad apples. But I must agree that the location issue is something that should not be taken lightly. My enforcing some stricter penalties it might cut back on some of these issues.

      Furthermore the FBI is not as interested in some of these attacks because they are usually doing things of greater importance like protecting our national security. Although I must say that I believe that it still should be addressed with a higher efficiency and more level of serioiusness that it gets. By narrowing down some of these individuals doing the attacks will also increase the faith in daily Internet users and possibly more serious issues in the people’s eye’s.

      Very interesting topic of discussion, this could be expanded on in several ways. Here’s something else to think about, we understand that most of these attacks are due to holes in browsers where the attack gains access. First of all isn’t the reason for new browser just more than appearence. With the release of every new browser/version it always covers security fixes. Now if someone is using an older browser because thet just don’t want to download a new version or whatever the case may be. What if they were forced to download a new browser. By being forced to download a newer browser this would not only eliminate securtiy issues but would also help the entire web community.

      Point being, as a web developer it has always been troublesome trying to make everything compatible with browsers. By forcing everyone to update to the newest browser this would ease the burden of browser complatibility issues. Of course one of these compatibility problems has been with IE. If Microsoft would remain W3C compliant and force users to download the newest browser version it wold eliminate lots of problems. This would actually need to be done by all browsers of course and not just Microsoft.

    • Jeric

      I can not log in Facebook in China, Can anyone told me how to work it out?

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