Twitter Cofounder Speaks Out (Again) Against Sale

    October 15, 2009

In case you were wondering, it doesn’t look like Twitter’s going to get new owners anytime soon.  Biz Stone, who happens to be in Tokyo for the launch of a mobile site, said today that a sale is pretty much not something anyone’s considering.

Biz StoneMartyn Williams reported that Stone stated at the launch event, "Twitter is not interested in being acquired by a bigger company, we want to build an impressive company on our own and we believe that we can."

Honestly, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  It’s been a while since there have been rumors about an acquisition, and Twitter received a supposed $100 million in funding less than a month ago.

Also, both Stone and Ev Williams have said before that they’re against the idea of selling the company.

Still, since Stone seemed to be addressing the long term with his most recent comment (as opposed to any particular offer), perhaps this will keep rumors at bay for a while.

Another thing worth knowing is that Williams wrote, "His statement, after being translated into Japanese, drew a few cheers and claps from the audience, which was made up of many of Twitter’s most enthusiastic users in Japan."