Twitter Co-Founder Called Upon By White House

By: Chris Crum - March 6, 2009

Twitter Co-founder Evan Wiliams has been invited to the White House along with 19 other so-called "young business leaders" (including Chris Sacca formerly of Google) where they will discuss the economic crisis.

Evan Williams Goes to the White House

The idea of the company with no revenue model giving economic advice has become the subject of ridicule throughout the blogosphere. But let’s give Williams the benefit of the doubt.

Look at how Twitter has grown and continues to do so. No, they do not yet have a revenue model in place, but are promising one in the near future. There is a chance that the Twitter guys know what they’re doing.

I seem to recall a certain search engine that has become kind of popular thoughout the years, and managed to get a lot of people using it before unleashing a certain PPC advertising platform.

Still, the skepticism is understandable. But perhaps Evan’s product and ties to the masses through that product played a role in his selection. Clearly it’s a good medium for getting questions/concerns from the public. It’s good enough for Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz. Ok, that’s probably a bad comparison.

Update: Evan Tweets from the White House:

Evan Williams Tweets from the White House


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  • Le-Roy

    Twitter will help ACORN organize itself.

  • Joe
  • Krish

    I really hope user experience remains intact and in the pursuit of gold they don’t kill it

  • Ejvind

    but where? I am still at a loss about where Twitter is going, and who they want to have join. I am especially having difficulties seeing what twitter does that cannot be done using any other social media.
    Well good luck to Twitter and their idea anyway.

  • Feo Amante

    I’m old enough to recall – quite vividly – the burst of the dotcom bubble in early 2000. I worked for two different companies that were getting great response, great numbers of users, great press, and their business model (for both of them) was a never ending run of investors pouring more money into the toilet. They both tanked and the disillusion among the workers wasn’t pretty. For every one google there were hundreds of failed dotbombs.

    I would have been impressed if Obama wanted to speak to a dotcom company that had tons of users and was profitable (google, amazon, etc). The fact that they went after Twitter shows, still again, how they whole Obama team hasn’t got clue one about running a government, or an economy, and is only concerned about being perceived as hip, shiny and cool! How desperate is that?

    There’s nothing impressive about asking Twitter to come to the whitehouse, and the new administration deserves all the mockery they’ve earned.

    • Ryan K

      I think by mocking our US leaders we are only setting ourselves up for trouble while I don’t agree with everything that is being done I think we need to RESPECT THEMI I think this opportunity could make or break the Internet as far as tho Goverment putting RESTRICTIONS ON INTERNET USERS REMEMBERThe WhiteHouse is asking the Co-Founder of Twitter FIRST IMPRESSTIONS ARE LASTING ONES!!!!!

      • Guest

        Respect must be earned and, so far, these so-called “leaders” have done nothing to earn it.

    • Guest

      Did it ever occur to u that they will not be asking advice from these companies but as young entrepreneurs they want to ask other questions? I think it’s rather naive to think the president wants advice for running the government from any of these invited entrepreneurs . May I suggest you grip your skives & hang on until after we get some kind of report about what they were invited for?

  • revoltage

    well Twitter may not be a huge economic model (yet). but you gotta give the guys one thing: they definitely don’t work with the goal of making lots of money. it’s not one of those big-buck identity-stealing commercial-feeding companies that you see more and more of on the web.

    and that’s probably why the government was interested in Twitter and not a big commercial company. plus, it seems they do have a long-term vision (whatever it is). quote from Brian Williams: “we don’t want any short term concerns to distort the potential of our long term vision”. I don’t know where they’re going, but I think they do have a future.

  • Guest

    BarackObama has 391,442 followers on Twitter maybe he just wants to thank the founders for helping him win the election.

  • buster

    ugh.. twitter.. really.. welfare..

    obama.. look.. just put advertisements on all the dollar bills that the fed will be printing for all the bailouts and stimulus spending.

    i wonder how much of the ‘business leaders’ have derived earnings (if any) from advertising..