Twitter Becomes Minor Celebrity Scandal Resource

    March 24, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

Well, one thing Twitter’s good for: a little celebrity drama. According to a British tabloid quoting an American tabloid, singer John Mayer tweeted his way to a break up with Jennifer Aniston about the same time Ashton Kutcher posted a photo of Demi Moore’s heiney to TwitPics.

Give me a break; when you cover all things Twitter this is news. It’s also pretty funny.
John Mayer's Twitter
Anyway, anonymous sources close to Jennifer Aniston, so says the tabloid quoting a tabloid, say Aniston broke up with Mayer because his constant tweeting proved him to be a liar. Interesting way to frame it. The same sources say Mayer stopped calling her or returning emails, and when Aniston finally caught up with him, he told her he’d been swamped with work.

His Twitter account, though, showed he sure had time to tweet, and if you got time to tweet, you got time to talk to your hot megastar girlfriend. Maybe it’s a good time to recommend the film “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Demi's Backside
Demi’s Backside
Ashton Kutcher via

Demi Moore can skip that one, though. Boy-toy hubby Ashton Kutcher is into her enough that he “secretly” snapped a pic of her bent over in her swimsuit and put it on the Internet.

Ooh, ooh. Let me try a different clever transition. While Mayer’s busy making an ass of himself, Ashton Kutcher…on second thought, let’s just move on with what we’ve got.

Demi called him “a sneak” and noted the picture was taken while she was steaming his suit for attending her ex-husband Bruce Willis’s wedding.

Ah, celebrity love. Ah, weird, alternate universes.

So put that on your list of things one can do with Twitter. If everybody knowing what’s going on your life at all times is good for your career, then Twitter is a perfect tool for TMI.