Twitcam Takes Live Streaming Video to Twitter

    July 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

LiveStream, which counts Gannett Co. as a shareholder and investor, has introduced what it is calling the first service to stream live video on Twitter. This would be called enables users to add live video streaming to their Twitter Feed. Users just need to log on to the site using an existing Twitter user name and password, and press the "go live" button. From there, Twitcam automatically detects the user’s camera, creates a page and live video player for the broadcast, and posts the link in the user’s Twitter feed so followers can join in on a live webcast.

Twitcam Step 1

Twitcam Step 2

Twitcam Step 3

Twitcam Step 4

"Twitter-centric services for sharing photos and videos have been exploding and are in high demand by Twitter users," Livestream says in a release. "Twitcam fills the application void for those wanting to stream live and chat with their followers with a single click."

The company notes that the Livestream API handles live streaming scalability, server-based recording, and player development. This means developers are free to launch their own live streaming services.

Twitcam is free and is immediately available. In fact, it only took a week for it to go from concept to launch, Livestream says. Initial reactions seem to be generally positive. Have you tried it? What do you think about it?