Twinkies, Other Hostess Snacks to Return on July 15

By: Sean Patterson - June 24, 2013

Last year, snack food lovers dismayed as cake manufacturer Hostess filed for bankruptcy. The company eventually shut down production and stopped producing its snacks, which include classics such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

As the company went under, collectors and scalpers emptied store shelves of Hostess snacks, hoarding them away for the perfect time to sell over Ebay to hard-up Twinkie addicts. Those investments may now seem silly, as there are only weeks to go before Twinkies return to U.S. stores.

Hostess Brands has been reformed under the same name by investors who bought Hostess’ assets during its bankruptcy. The company’s Kansas and Georgia bakeries are now becoming operational, with nearly 500 employees working to make Americans’ snack dreams come true.

The brand’s social media accounts are active once again, after being abandoned in November 2012. The new message is that Twinkies will return on July 15, 2013. It’s not quite in time for the Fourth of July, but snack fans will have to make do.

The company has also put up a new website, which features a countdown to the exact second Twinkies will go on sale.

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  • Jessie

    I will never buy you Product if you’re nonunion so screw off

    • Mr. David Calabrese

      Judging by your lack of education in sentence structure, word usage and common sense, you must have voted for Obama. First you get an education . . . then you comment. Unions are a voting block these days with the sole purpose of electing intellectual morons. And while you try to comprehend that, I’ll be working to pay for your food.

      • m

        Well said and thank you from those who have had just about enough of forced mediocrity and moronic polices and attitudes. Hoorah for Hostess

      • Renee

        I do not know Jessie. I also do not know all the specifics of the Hostess situation. I do know that there are more polite ways of responding to people. What happened to respect and love? I wish everyone involved the best.