Twelve New Cities To See In Street View

By: Doug Caverly - February 13, 2008

Bit by bit, Street View is becoming more useful.  People in the vast majority of the world (and even the U.S.) still can’t use it to explore nearby places, but as of yesterday, 12 new cities were included.

Okay, we’re a little sore that Google still hasn’t ducked into Kentucky.  Whining aside, though, this 12-city update is pretty momentous – prior to it, Street View was only listed as being available in 23 places.Twelve New Cities To See In Street View

So now, images from North Carolina’s Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, New York’s Albany and Schenectady, and Boise (Idaho), Juneau (Alaska), Kansas City (Missouri), Manchester (New Hampshire), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), San Antonio (Texas), and Salt Lake City (Utah) can be added to that list, according to a post on the Google LatLong Blog.

Happy?  Good.  Hope you have fun finding pictures of distorted people and odd beams of light.  Don’t forget to count the number of loud privacy complaints and/or lawsuits resulting from this, as well.

We know you’ll get tired of the current stuff sooner or later, however, and no, Google’s Vaibhav Vaish doesn’t give any hints about what set of images will be released next.  But the turnaround time between taking pictures and making them available hasn’t been too bad so far, so if Google can work out the privacy issues, some pictures of Europe may be getting close.

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  • Guest

    This is disgusting. How could they allow private companys to do such a thing against peoples privacy? This is an disgrace, people should be able to live their live and prosper.. without having someone watching over their shoulders all the time. Whats the next step? Maybe: “google bedroom-view”..

    This type of things should be illigal.. imagine how it was like in soviet, people were filmed and photos were viewed by officers.. one single bad eye towards (for example) a stalin portrait could led to an certain arrest.. is that what we are aiming for?

  • Durham

    Ah, just searched for Google Street View in Durham – but I wanted Durham in the UK!