TweetMeme Bringing Analytics to the Retweet Table

    August 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

TweetMeme didn’t take the launch of lightly. As the new entity comes in to step right on their toes, TweetMeme points to some solid numbers, a list of differentiating features, and announces an upcoming analytics package.

"We know that publishers/blogs use our button to get further traction, but that is only one side of the coin," says TweetMeme’s Nick Halstead. "How do you know if your story was a success beyond just the retweet count? We have been working with partners to build a analytics package that is tailored for our users to understand how’s and why’s of the spread of a story." He provides some screenshots:

Tweetmeme Analytics

Tweetmeme Analytics

The package will be available next week in a private beta. This will coincide with a new public release of a new version of TweetMeme itself. Here’s a look at TweetMeme’s daily button impressions, to give you an idea of how popular it is:

Tweetmeme impressions

Features TweetMeme lists as ones that differentiates the service include:

– One-Click retweeting
– RSS + Email Buttons
– A range of plugins both by us and 3rd party developers.
– Integrated support for 11 Shortening services
– Scale supported by Sun Microsystems
– 24 hour support from our Team on Twitter on our dedicated support forum
– Enterprise Features for larger sites

TweetMeme is clearly determined not to let this powerfully-branded (by domain name alone) competitor steal all the headlines. It is relying on user loyalty and its already-established following to carry it into a more competitive future, as Twitter itself prepares its own "Project Retweet."