Tweeting for Customer Relationship Management

    March 23, 2009
    Chris Crum has added Twitter support to its Service Cloud offering, which was released earlier in the year. Salesforce breaks down what companies can expect to get out of the service:

Search: Salesforce CRM for Twitter helps companies search through the millions of "tweets" happening on Twitter every day to find the relevant conversations – all from within the Service Cloud.

Monitor: After identifying an appropriate "tweet," a company can capture and monitor the conversation by creating a record in the Service Cloud that tracks the original post and all subsequent replies.
Join: Salesforce CRM for Twitter empowers enterprises to be active participants on Twitter by enabling them to funnel relevant solutions from the Service Cloud knowledge base into a Twitter post, effectively joining the conversation.

We’ve seen before that the biggest brands on Twitter are using the network for customer service. And we’ve also discussed the importance of monitoring your reputation in real time. Integrating Twitter with CRM just makes sense.

Salesforce Gets Twitter Integration

Twitter CEO Evan Williams says, "Simplicity has played an important role in Twitter’s success, making it quick and easy for consumers to connect to their community. With Salesforce CRM for Twitter, enterprises can replicate this same experience by keeping track of the conversations happening right now on Twitter."

"Customers are talking, but it is a question of who is listening," says Comcast’s Frank Eliason. "Salesforce CRM for Twitter and the Service Cloud allows businesses to not only listen and learn, but to also actively participate in the conversation."

Salesforce’s philosophy behind its Service Cloud is that customers are growing increasingly annoyed with call centers. They’re turning to the Internet for support. Your company should be there, readily available. That makes sense to me.