Tweet Lawsuit: Horizon Realty Issues A Statement

    July 28, 2009

Just before lunch today, we told you about the Chicago based realty company who had filed a lawsuit against a former tenant for $50,000. News of the lawsuit spread quickly around the Internet, but when Horizon’s Jeffrey Michael was quoted saying, "We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization" things reached a boiling point on Twitter.

Did Horizon Realty caused a PR nightmare for themselves? Tell us.

The term "Horizon Realty" shot up Twitters trending topics list as Twitterers spread word about Mr. Jeffrey’s questionable quote. To help curb further damage to his companies reputation the following statement was released: 

The statement is quick to apologize for the "tongue in cheek" quote, but then begins telling their side of the story. Do you think this statement will cause further harm to Horizon Realty’s name?