Tweet-a-Thon Pegged For Thursday

    February 17, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

What do MC Hammer, the kid from Stand By Me (Will Wheaton), and that bald guy from “Heroes” (David Lawrence) have in common? If you took a wild guess from the headline that they’re involved in some kind of charity “tweet-a-thon” you’d be right.
Joel Comm Tweet-a-Thon
Slated for Thursday this week, a “live broadcast” of a 12-hour celeb tweet-deluge will occur to demonstrate both the positive influence social media can have on the world and raise money for WaterIsLife, a project from Hearts and Hands International dedicated to providing clean water to developing nations.

Hearts and Hands International

And judging by the ubiquitous cobranding, we’re guessing, to cross promote Joel Comm’s new book, Twitter Power.

Starting at noon Eastern and running until midnight, the tweet-a-thon will be simulcast on Ustream, a mobile phone live-streaming video site. The tweet-a-thon is expected to produce thousands of tweets from participating celebrities. (We imagine a certain British newspaper is inaccurately tabulating the carbon footprint of such an event as we speak.)

The celebrity roster lists the aforementioned music, film, and TV stars, but isn’t short on Internet celebrities like Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Pete Cashmore, and Charles Trippy. Some other celebs you may know include movie producer Gary Goldstein, author Mark Joyner, CNBC’s Alexis Martin Neely.

Ken Surritte, CEO of, will discuss how half of the world’s population is in need of clean drinking water.