TV/Magazine Ads Are So Last Season

    February 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Teenagers are big on researching their fashion, but not big on buying clothing and apparel online, according to a survey sponsored by Yahoo!.

The survey of teens aged 15-19, conducted by the North American Testing Organization, found that use of search engines to discover new brands is equal to use of fashion magazines. But as this age group often lacks a credit card to make their purchase, they tend to skip offline to the local mall where they can pay cash.

Over half of those polled search online to find clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry, preferring keyword searches over TV ads as well as fashion websites. Sixty-eight percent of teens reported using the Internet to learn about new labels.

Since most do not buy online, the emphasis is shifting to brand awareness and information as companies work to be sure potential offline customers can find useful and appealing information.