Taps PubMatic To Boost Ad Revenue

    December 14, 2009
  has tapped ad firm PubMatic in an effort to boost its advertising revenue.

"PubMatic has significantly decreased the operational burden of managing multiple ad networks and simultaneously helped us eliminate inefficiencies in our remnant advertising pricing," said Ian Wallin, Vice President, Online Ad Sales, "We’ve enjoyed working with them."
Ian-Wallin reaches 21 million unique users per month, and as part of its strategy to stand out from the competition, the website offers online video, news community and TV listing in one location.

The website’s online video guide allows users to watch almost any TV episode from all the major broadcast and cable television networks. The site is currently in the top spot of comScore’s TV and entertainment category for attracting the most engaged users who average five visits per month, 13 minutes per visit and 18 page views per person.

"As the economy rebounds, publishers are increasingly focused on premium sponsorship opportunities and looking for a trusted partner to manage their non-guaranteed inventory," said Rajeev Goel, PubMatic Co-Founder and CEO. "We built PubMatic to serve the needs of publishers, and as a result we’re increasing revenue for the world’s largest publishers including, Huffington Post, eBay, and many more."

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