TV Downloads To Increase

    November 28, 2006

Will TV become a thing of the past due to the popularity of online video? In an eMarketer article the answer is not what one would expect. They project that in the future viewers will watch more TV and online video. They will be watching in a variety of ways that include TV, Internet, the PC and portable devices.

Currently there are approximately 108 online video users in the US. In 2010 eMarketer predicts there will 157 million online users in the US. Disney CEO Bob Iger said “TV viewing and Web use can reinforce rather than cannibalize each other when you have a terrific product.”

This seems to ring true as ABC a Disney owned company had 19 million episodes from six series downloaded from 24 hours after airing on the network. Around 12 million shows have been sold to iTunes since October of 2005. Also almost half a million Disney movies have been sold on iTunes since its launch.

Private equity investing firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson estimates that by 2010 spending on downloads for TV programs will reach $625 million. In 2005 the total for TV downloads were $12 million. When you include the download for cable the figure climbs to $938 million in 2010. For 2006 the total spent on downloads is $82 million.

Instead of all the talk that the Internet will be the death of TV it seems according to the numbers it will be more like a rebirth of TV. The only thing that will be changing is the ways the viewer will be able to watch.

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