TV Anchor Suspended, Fired For On-Air Profanity

    April 22, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A news anchor for a Bismarck television station announced he was fired today after making his premiere with a string of obscenities.

A.J. Clemente was so excited for his first broadcast that he let loose some extreme words right as the show was coming back from a commercial break on Sunday night. His co-worker, Van Tieu, apologized for the outburst during the evening show, and the station issued an apology to viewers saying Clemente had been suspended. However, Clemente tweeted today that he was let go following the incident.


Of course, Clemente isn’t the first person to drop an F-bomb on television. News anchors have a lively history of tripping up in front of the cameras, and the great Tom Hanks did it a few months ago on “Good Morning America”.

  • Bill Ford

    Looks to me we need to tighten the borders and kick out a whole of recently arrived immigrants. Any questions?

    • Christopher

      Sorry not gonna bite, TROLL :(

    • pablo escobar

      i second the motion … he** ill lead the immigration march – right to the border !!

  • Shredder

    Give him another chance, everyone has an off day!!!

    • W.D.H.

      The FCC recently announced that they would no longer fine broadcasters for “objectionable” language. Considering this decision, why would an Anchor be terminated for vulgarity?

      • JD

        Because the FCC decision is irrelevant. The station has to do with IT feels is right. They can hire another dime-a-dozen anchor who can actually maintain some professionalism. Why would they keep him?

  • tom k.

    when you are used to talking gutter talk it happens

  • jonathan

    Made my day, and believe me I was having a really bad day. HA HA HA HA. This guy will never be allowed near a Mic again Haaa Haaaa Haaaa to funny. Career Over!

  • George H

    First day on the air and he made such a stupid, obnosious mistake. Where did he go to J school? This was not a rookie mistake, this was the way he talks and it cannot be tolerated on the air.

  • http://yahoo billd

    I feel he did make a mistake and should be talked with about it, but when a superstar ball player can say it on national news and get away with it, there is a double standard. This not only will ruin this man’s short career in broadcasting but his life.

    • singabob

      oh c’mon. He’s not ready for television news.

      • JD

        One is paid to speak for a living, and to do it with class and professionalism. The other is paid to crush a baseball. Why do you think the same standard should apply?

  • alonzo davila

    Was he that STUPID to not think before saying that word?

    • BB 2013

      More than just stupidity, it reflects the cavalier casualness with which people nowadays use these words to the point they don’t even think it’s wrong. The guy needs a brain rewiring.

  • frank

    In ten years of broadcasting as a major market Top 40 DJ, I never once slipped a vulgarity. Had I, I would have been immediately dragged out of the studio and fired on the spot by the owner whose license I put in jeopardy. This gentleman certainly deserves another chance, but his termination is justified and should act as a warning to others that the public interests and broadcast standards matter.

    • Sue Hardin

      Thank you…Lately I have had to become horribly ‘accustomed’ to folks casual vulgarity and disrespect for innocent ears (children, for example).
      I applaud your professionalism.

    • http://www.brodian.com Stewart Brodian

      Well put! (I’m also a radio announcer).

  • Jean Marie

    Did you hear about David Ortiz? He said the “F” word and is not going to get fined. That is DUMB!

    • Gregory Wagoner

      Give him a break. Bposton was just traumatized, he is one of our heroes, and unless you are some prudish evangelist, forget it.

      • RCF

        Yes Big Papi had every right to say that, it was from the heart. But no, he is not a HERO, not compared to the Police officers who put their life on the line to stop these two.

  • William Sweeney

    There’s always the Legion.

  • Abe Lincoln

    How about .. WHO CARES!

  • Stephanie

    Have you ever been to ND? That was just his way of getting assigned to a new station.

  • Sefam

    This is silly! and quite frankly, it sounds a bit sketchy. It was an accident, why should he be fired for saying the F word?!? The news station needs to chill out, I’m sure they would not have been fined for this.

    • Darryn

      The reason he got fired is because this is the great “Puritan” state of North Dakota. I, by the way, live across the river in Minnesota and have a sense of humor and understand accidents happen. Most of the people that live in ND walk funny because of the huge sticks they have up their butts.

      • Darryn ^^ is a dumbass, how about that for a sense of humor?

        You sir are a fuck, and clearly a Minnesotan with a stick stuck up your butt. At least ND didn’t have a government shutdown. NDs industry has likely help your state in more ways than you know, and helping it not shut down again. Heres your stick!

  • Mike Stearnes

    My Father told me that after serving in the Army during World War II his family prepared a large dinner with the entire family to celebrate his return. The first words out of my Father’s mouth were “pass the f***ing potatoes”. This young man needs another chance. People get so excited at times that they make honest mistakes. I hope he gets another opportunity.

  • Dagmar

    I think the person we thought was fired was Wolf Blitzer.

    • Tina

      Dagmar, I totally agree with you. You think the Muslims don’t use fowl language towards the US, give me a break, and give the anchor a break, everything he said was probably true anyway.

      • Tina

        Oops that should be Headhunter39.

  • http://Webpronews Headhunter39

    The F-bomb is better than a Muslim Bomb. Give the rookie a break..



  • Plainlyspoken

    What does illegal immigration have to do with this article. Some of you sad folks will use any platform to further your rant against whatever it is that has your undies in a bundle. Narcissists.

  • Plainlyspoken

    What does illegal immigration have to do with this article? Do you read the articles or just look for a place to rant? Just curious.

  • Mike72

    And what about the guy who hired him

  • http://yahoo Jim

    The kid made a mistake but that’s TV. They probably hired the good looking kid instead of the well spoken one.

  • Andy

    that sucks. who cars like nobody ever said a bad word. a little mistake. wish u luck on the next job. Learn by your mistakes. Just move on to the next job.

  • Jack Campbell

    Painful to watch. The tweets make it even worse, much worse in fact.



    • BB 2013

      A rookie mistake is fumbling and stuttering your lines. This reflects more of attitude problem and sense of values inappropriate for this program. And what’s with all the capital letters?

  • rick

    How stupid can one person be? I think he got someone elses share

  • http://webpronews.com Alfredo J. Huerta

    I agree with George H, this person was hired to be a news anchor which I believe requires some professionalism. I am familiar with the f-word (I used it when I thought it made me sound tough and when in the Army) but hate the fact that today’s society thinks it is ok to be casual with its use. This person must be so casual with its use that he couldn’t even keep it out of the studio during a news broadcast (even if he did allow his language to carry over from a commercial break). Firing him was absolutely the correct move.

  • L.V.R.

    I personally think that he should’ve been fired. You can use that kind of language on a broadcast that’s going out to the public. The vulgar language can’t be tolerated, and you see where kids get this stuff. The people that is sooo relaxed with this kind of language, do it around your own kind. The place where I’m having a nice sit down dinner is not for our table. If you do it, I just may tell the manager to escort you out. With my help I might add!!!! SAY WHAT? Yea, that’s just what I thought you said. Duh…..

  • Melissa Williams

    At this point and time don’t we have other things to be upset about like what just took place in Boston?????

  • Robert

    North Dakota: the weather’s crappy, & hardly anyone lives here.

    • http://Webpro/news Robert

      It’s dejavu all over again.

  • http://Webpro/news Robert

    North Dakota: the weather’s terrible, & hardly anyone lives there.

  • http://Webpro/news Robert

    North Dakota, today’s weather report: It’s terrible but the good news is hardly anyone lives here!

  • DeniseNY

    Proof that you can’t fix stupid.

  • http://Webpro/news Robert

    North Dakota, today’s weather report: it’s terrible but the good news is hardly anyone lives there!

  • http://Webpro/news Robert

    I’m sure his school is proud of him. Maybe he can team up with Nancy Grace. She’s a goofball herself. Nancy, be careful, Casey Anthony got off, Arias may get a soft sentence also. Good night, friend.

  • Elizabeth

    Denise, go **** yourself. Cursing certainly does not equal stupidity.

    • cindyd

      Yeah, it does…

    • Steve

      Profanity is the attempt of a weak and feeble mind to express itself forcefully.

  • cindyd

    He WASN’T ready for the big time…

    • stan

      Bismark, the big time, thanks for the laugh

  • Jack Campbell

    He was probably fired because, after the initial laughter, the public will not tolerate news anchors that sound like imbeciles.

  • Vugg

    Ah Robert, But a lot of us that do live here have got enuf oil to stay warm…….Rocking the Bakken,,,,,,

  • Jerry

    Yes…a bit un-couth but we have so many versions of what is
    and what is not acceptable in our hypocritacal society.For an
    example,have you listened to a rap song? I heard one today. They
    used the N…..word repeatedly.Let a white man say that word and see what happens.Or,the degradation of a girl/woman that now she has been reduced to a female dog!(bi-ch).So get off this reporters a…
    If we can’t clean it ALL up,why discriminate with just a few.

  • http://yahoo.com Sharon

    If this is the case why is our so adored Vice President still the Vice President.If I am not mistaken did he not say Obama was a BIG F@@@ing DEAl. See howvrules are made to be broken.

    • Ken H

      What in the world do these two incidents have to do with each other? By the way, you are mistaken. VP Joe Biden actually said that passing the Affordable Health Care act was a big f—— deal, not that Obama was. He said it to the president, obviously not intending it to be picked up by the microphone. Like when George W. Bush told Dick Cheney that a reporter was a “major league a—–e”.

      • Don

        Thank you, Ken

  • ron

    dumb Fu¤# !!!! obviously Mama didn’t teach you no manners !!!!!!!!

  • Dave B

    He was just channeling his inner David Ortiz…


    He got what he deserved! The public wants classy—not vulgar street slang!

  • jon


  • Scotty

    Didn’t this happen in Anchorman Ron Burgundy?

  • Anonymous

    North Dakota….wow, I didn’t know they had TV stations there….or electricity, for that matter. I saw the guy speak…he was awful, regardless of the cursing. He had a speech impediment or something and stuttered through everything he said. They should have fired him regardless of the cursing.

    • L.V.R.

      @Anonymous—-They even have TV’s on the reservations!! Are you stuck in the horse and buggy days. In your mind, I think the buggy is ahead of the horse.

  • L.V.R.

    When did it get that a T.V. personalty can use vulgar language on a newscast. Have America lost it’s morals to this point of vulgarity by the Anchor person, and it is accepted? I think not, whomever fired dude was in their rights. And thank you for dismissing this person from your station. Hold your head high, and I hope your ratings increase 10 fold. Watch your back, there seem to be more and more idiots out there that like to double back for revenge. Have less to do with that person in your future as possible. It’s a done deal correct? >>>>>>>> Make sure Bye gones are in fact BYE GONES.

    • Velvet

      Why yes, America HAVE lost its values. And yer point?!!

  • Velvet

    Loser in, loser OUT. How is this even news?!!

  • Daddy

    Where is the video? I wanna see it.

  • Sue Pell

    What is wrong with getting a little excited and letting it go ?? It was an honest mistake and he should have been given a second chance, I am sure he is embarrased and he probably would have been much better on his second night.

  • MsMertie

    We all make mistakes. This is learning experience for him, and a funny story to tell his grand kids. He is keeping a positive attitude about the whole situation, and I think that we should look at how he is handling it. The news Station let him go for a cursing, I think that is extreme. I think that would have been a “slap on the hand moment.”

  • Michael

    this gaffe seems to have diverted attention away from the fact that he did a terrible job in the first place.

  • Peter Krejci

    Are the people who comment on these all inbred?
    vulgarity is such an ancient idea in the first place… why should someone be fired for saying something that is common place on all the top viewed tv shows? you people need to get a life.

  • http://www.oasishealthcentres.com.au Anne

    I thinking firing him for accidentally swearing was a little hard. He obviously wasn’t ready to be a professional, but he didn’t deserve to be fired over it.