Tutornet To Launch Search Services

    June 1, 2004

Online educational services provider Tutornet has signed a five year deal with Harvest Consulting Inc. to provide an interactive search service focused on education. The service, called Tutornet INSIGHT, will integrate its interactive classroom software with Harvest Consulting’s search engine.

Tutornet INSIGHT will be designed to provide Internet search results based on the context of the searcher’s question. Users will also have access to a Tutornet classroom and interact with a live tutor to get a better understanding on the subject matter of interest. Tutors will be able to assist in narrowing search requests in order to return more relevant results.

The service will make use of Harvest Consulting’s data mining technology or ACT (advanced crawling technology). Tutornet and Harvest Consulting plan to launch this service in 3rd quarter 2004.

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