Tsunami Shakes Up Shrimp Industry

    January 7, 2005

The US International Trade Commission may reconsider reviewing shrimp anti-dumping penalties for Thailand and India, based on tsunami damage.

According to HindustanTimes.com,

“The trade action has followed representations by an alliance of American shrimp producers, alleging that the six nations were dumping shrimp at below the home market prices.

In contrast, the American Seafood Distributors Association and the Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition criticised the decision to slap duties and warned of a price rise.”

President of the Thai Shrimp Association, Somsak Paneetatyasai said that the tsunami had destroyed most of the shrimp hatchery farms in the six Thai provinces.

“The impact will be shown in the first and the second quarter this year when the output of larval shrimp will drop markedly,” he said.

“Together with the tsunami, there are real questions of the viability of the Thai shrimp industry,” said Brian Wynn, CEO of a major importer of Thai shrimp.

On the other hand, a spokeswoman for the Southern Shrimp Alliance said, `While the tsunami has had devastating effects on human life, the shrimp infrastructure is relatively sound and we don’t think it will change the legal case before the ITC.”

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