TSA Denies Entry Without Female Pat-Down

    February 10, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Jennifer Winning of Denver, Colorado frequently makes the commute from home to Rock Springs, Wyoming. She usually flies and the trip is not typically eventful. On January 29th when she left to catch her flight home from the small airport in Rock Springs she encountered a problem. She was not allowed to board the plane by TSA agents.

Winning comments on the experience:

“They wouldn`t let me get on the plane because I`m female,”

“They asked if I was on the flight to Denver, I said yes, they said that they couldn`t screen me because they sent all the female TSA agents home,”

Apparently what happened was that all the female TSA agents had already been sent home and according to new regulations, a male is not authorized to pat-down a female traveler. Winning also asked if she could sign a waiver and have a male agent screen her, but her request was denied. She was turned away and had to rent a car and make the 350 mile drive home to Denver.

FOX 31 in Denver received this message regarding the incident from the TSA:

“In small airports, TSA works closely with the airlines and airport to keep the security checkpoints open to ensure that all passengers are screened appropriately.

Once TSA is informed by the airline that our screening services are no longer needed, the security checkpoint is closed. In this instance, SkyWest made final boarding announcements and notified TSA that no additional passengers would be accepted.

In addition, a TSA officer also made two public announcements asking any remaining passengers to report to the security checkpoint for screening.”

Here’s what some folks on Twitter had to say about it:

This isn’t the first time that the TSA has gotten bad press in the last few weeks. At the beginning of the month, A TSA agent was suspended for stealing $5000 in cash from a Bangladeshi passenger at JFK in New York.

  • Woody

    Let’s see. If she had shown up early like she was supposed to, don’t you think she would have made her flight? This is a big problem with people waiting until the last minute, then it becomes someone elses fault. You snooze, you loose!!! That’s a no brainer. I aways show up early. I’ve flown out of Rock Springs. Even though it’s a small airport, I still showed up early there as well. Come on people, stop blaming others. TSA has always treated me good and with respect. Why does everyone else seem to have problems going through an airport? You all might be the same 14% that actually runs our country.

  • Kenny

    Woody, the existence of the TSA means that we all lose. You are a pushover.

  • Bass Reeves

    this woman is as stupid as the TSA, cause if she knew she was flying she should have known the exact flight times and not showed up at the airport at a time when no flights were scheduled, instead of now attempting to get her 45 seconds of fame by screaming she is a victim of the TSA! get a real life lady, grow up and stop whining, clinging and bitching about being a victim!