Truveo Shows Video Search Upgrades

    May 31, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

AOL’s Truveo video search product should present developers and other users of the platform with better analytics and greater API performance.

A trio of new and updated goodies from Truveo arrived online. Developers partnered with the video search site can utilize several APIs to add search functionality to existing and new websites.

Truveo, which AOL purchased in December 2005 only three months after its public debut, wowed tech industry observers with its performance. AOL’s bid came shortly after it inked a billion-dollar deal with Google for its continued search and advertising services.

Dr. Tim Tuttle, Truveo’s founder, touted the service’s capabilities in a statement. “With our powerful video search APIs and enterprise-class reporting tools, Truveo is the only solution for any website owner who’s serious about incorporating video search functionality on their site,” he said.

Some of the recent updates involve enhancing Truveo’s performance in the face of heavier demands by people for videos. Truveo’s partners should see better response time and relevance for video searches conducted by their site visitors.

Updated reporting dashboards will provide more insight into user traffic patterns, user engagement, popular search queries, popular video channels, as well as overall API performance.

Those open APIs offer XML, AJAX, or Flash sites the video search results, which can be incorporated into websites or applications as desired.

"The AOL Video Search XML API provides the functionality and defines the specification for submitting REST-style queries against the AOL video search index and retrieving XML-formatted response messages," said the XML API summary.

Developers will need to set up an API account to use the service. Once the account has been created, the developer will be assigned a unique Application ID key that will be needed for uses of the API.

Video’s continuing boom online has led to greater demand for that content. Effective search will be a key player here, and Truveo’s service has been very impressive ever since its launch.