Trutap To Enter Mobile Networking Market

    September 20, 2007

I remain wary of itty-bitty screens, but another social network designed for the mobile market is reportedly ready to emerge.  This one’s name is Trutap.

Of course, it’s not like there are a billion of the things (yet) – the only other mobile social network ever covered by WebProNews appears to be Bluepulse.  And as it so happens, VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall describes Trutap and Bluepulse as director competitors, then writes, “Trutap says it will differentiate through partnerships with the major social networks and carriers, but this is yet to be seen.”

Still, Trutap’s not flailing around without hope.  The company’s apparently got almost $8 million to its name, and all the standard doodads – messaging, chat, photo-sharing, and blog features – that every social network should have.  It also turned a few heads at the TechCrunch40 conference.

“The firm is the only British enterprise to be invited to the Techcrunch 40 conference,” noted the Telegraph’s Richard Tyler.  And while we’re speaking of British head-turners, I might as well mention Keira Knightley, who’s pictured in Tyler’s article for not entirely irrelevant reasons.

Anyway, we’ll try to stay tuned and report how things turn out for Trutap – assuming we can see the results on those itty-bitty screens.