Trulia Obtains A Street View

    April 9, 2008

Try to search for a house.  Checkboxes concerning prices, square footage, and the number of bathrooms can only take you so far – hundreds of results might show up.  You can peer at tiny, cropped photos, but that’s not great, either.  So a new deal between Google and Trulia brings Street View into the picture.

Street View images aren’t available for many cities, of course, and that’s a fairly major drawback to this development.  Yet wherever images are available, Trulia has tied them to corresponding property pages.  Rotate, tilt, and scroll as you please.

Legg Trulia Street View
 Interesting Homes, Zero Elbow Room

It’s easy to imagine houses getting crossed off lists after they’re discovered to be sitting too close together, directly under some power lines, or in a dirty-looking neighborhood.  There’s no telling how many trips this will save would-be home buyers.

Would-be home sellers needn’t worry, though, as the combination could help them, too.  A questionable house might seem a lot better once people find that it’s at the end of a quiet-looking cul-de-sac and within sight of a small lake.

More examples and explanations are available on the Trulia Blog, but this is as user-friendly an add-on as anyone could ask for.  Geographic limitations aside, Google Street View and Trulia truly work well together.