Troy Polamalu to Cut Hair for Veterans

By: Erika Watts - September 20, 2013

The Pittsburgh Steelers player who is just as well known for his long locks of hair as he is for his play on the field is getting his first haircut in a decade. Troy Polamalu, the safety who famously insured his hair for $1 million, is going to get a haircut during a Veterans of Foreign Wars event in November.

The VFW Mane Event haircuts will be held on Veterans Day, and Polamalu says he wants to honor those who have served our country. The event will raise money for struggling veterans. “I understand the issues that veterans, and their families, face while serving our country and I am honored to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars Mane Event, encouraging the nation to unite for veterans for a second year,” said Polamalu. “By getting my hair cut on Veterans Day, I am showing my commitment to the men and women who served our country…the real heroes.”

So far Polamalu hasn’t said how much hair he will cut, but it is rumored that he may cut up to 10 inches off his mane. Polamalu is using Twitter to spread word of the event:

People interested in making donations to The VFW Mane Event can do so through the group’s website here. So far, more than $30,000 has been raised. While Polamalu is certainly the most popular person who plans to cut his hair for the VFW, anyone can participate. Participants can sign up through the website and can even challenge their friends to participate using The Dare submission form through Facebook.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars group has more than 2 million members that are dedicated to helping veterans. Some of the ways the VFW helps is by providing scholarships, advocating for veterans, sending CARE packages to deployed troops and providing medical assistance.

Will you join Troy Polamalu and support The VFW Mane Event? Respond below.

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  • Lajean faircloth

    dude-do not cut the curls. ya got money so just donate cash. really dude, y cut yer locks. I mayb could kinda understand if it was for cut the locks for cancer patients. I applaud yer believing in a cause so strongly & I guess yer famous since this is all ovr the Web & yer definitely making a public statement bringing others into veteran awareness but so would a large cash donation, I would truly like to know, wat good is yer gorgeous curls gonna do lying on the floor? don’t b an idiot & go wth the flow on this one, u are seriously going to regret losing that fabulous mane wen all is said & done. **a more important point here is please don’t have done this in vane. I believe strongly in ASPCA & other orgs that do good for a cause that is overlooked by most celebs. those animals don’t have a choice in how humans threat them or wat becomes of them & the sad road It takes to get them somewhere safe & warm. evry body is already aware of veterans plights, I mean as well as it should be but please consider doing the hair thing/or something like this for animals who cry the silent tears & cannot cry out for help. humans are supposed to be the highest species but ask yourself, who does the hurt on each other & defenseless animals. srry, this wasn’t meant to be so long or to get off main point, but I honestly have no faith, trust nor liking of many humans. please consider all I’ve said, ESP the part bout you missing those locks once thr gone..don’t do it dude. thanks for reading

  • Jim P,

    Thanks Troy from a Nam Vet anything that anyone doed for the vets is greatly appreciated. Some just say give money but when someone notable doed somthing like this it draws moch more attenting to the cause.
    Once again thanks
    Jim P
    Vietnam 69-70