Troy Aikman Has Gay Slur Directed His Way

    October 28, 2013
    Emily Greene
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If you’re a Washington Redskins fan, you probably were none too happy when they lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. A win was in sight, and then BOOM, the Broncos defense stepped up their game and Peyton Manning continued to be, well, Peyton Manning.

A loss like that can make a fan sour, but so sour you have to throw a gay slur at Troy Aikman? The guy announcing the game? What did he ever do to you?

Dexter Manley, former defensive end for the Washington Redskins, called Aikman a “queer” while he was on the radio.

You see, Manley makes a weekly appearance on WTOP in the Washington-area to recap Redskins games and give his “analysis.” This week, for the Broncos-Redskins game, one of the hosts asked Manley if he thought Aikman being at Mile High Stadium was bad luck for the Redskins. Manley responded, saying, “I think Troy Aikman is a queer.”

How does that even answer the question? What does that even have to do with football?

You can hear the audio below. The distasteful moment happens around the 3:20 mark.

The hosts were quick to have Manley apologize, which he did not do directly. And even a half apology was only given after continued requests from the hosts.

Many took to Twitter with their disapproval of what Manley said.

Because of his bad taste, Manley will no longer give analysis on WTOP. Jim Farley, WTOP’s Vice President of News and Programming, responded to many on Twitter, letting them know Manley has since been let go.

You can watch the video below for the moment Manley says the gay slur, as well as a response from WTOP Vice President and General Manager Joel Oxley, and responses from the public.

Manley has since apologized in an interview with WUSA9, an ABC affiliate in Washington, as well as via an email to The Washington Post. In the email he said, “In an interview with WTOP radio Monday, while intending to be funny, I used a slur to refer to Troy Aikman. It was wrong and insensitive. Anyone that knows me knows that’s not who I am in my heart or mind. I want to apologize to Troy, but I mostly want to apologize to anyone else I offended. Like a lot of people in these times, I have to realize that what I thought was funny years ago doesn’t work now. I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again and hope you will accept my apology.”

[Image via YouTube.]

  • Wow

    We have become so politically correct that a person losses his job because he said a word that some people might not agree wtih. Personally, I don’t care if a person is gay or not. It is not relevant to me. I am concerned when people lose jobs because they misspeak or offend someone. That isn’t right either.

    Troy is a big boy. He can handle it. His girlfriend is hot as hell so I am pretty sure he isn’t gay. If he is, who cares.

    • Avocat

      I troy had called manley the n-word, there would have been all sorts of outrage. It’s amazing when a minority is so ignorant that he has absolutely no empathy for other minorities. Of course, manley has the brain of an ant.

      • al

        i dont see the equivalence here. but ppl like u just cant wait for the opportunity to throw slurs at other minorities…subliminally i must add.

    • Pablo Cervantes

      Troy CAN handle it, you’re right! He’s had these sort of attacks for years. It’s no secret he likes to out with guys and have dinner, drinks, etc. If that’s a definition of homosexuality, many of us are in deep doo doo.

    • ju

      Lol, All over the word “Queer”,,people get called queer everyday,,
      if u ask me Lol this topic has to be the most funniest thing that happen all week. honestly WHO REALLY GIVES A ****?

  • http://Yahoo Nathan

    I think Dexter Manly is a dumb nigger. Cant even carry on a conversation without, “uh”, “um”. Idiot, its painfully obvious.

    • risenstar

      I’m upset too… but why use the N-word Nathan ? He’s going to feel some pain.

    • al

      so someone says a slur and ur so mad that u throw a more loaded slur at him? u look more idiotic than him here.

  • Kermit

    The word queer has multiple definitions, homosexual being one of them. It’s amazing that both queer and gay now define homosexuality first, and if you are using them with other intentions you will have to defend yourself…then again, he may have very well been using it as a negative slur for homosexual.

    • d

      if your over 50 and i’m sure your not. You know that “queer” was the original and only word used to describe homosexuals. It wasn’t even always used in the contest of a slur- they just simply called them ‘queers”

    • William

      The word “queer” when prefaced with “was a” or “is a” has the same meaning as “fag,” which is what man-less meant.

  • Joe G.

    It’s funny!

    • Pablo Cervantes

      Not really. Local folks know all there is to know about Troy. Makes no difference what he prefers; he was a darn good quarterback.

  • jj

    Come on. Manley didn’t even offer anything insightful regarding the game, sounding more lost in the interview than anything. I would have rather listened to Kenny Powers comment on the game. Shame on Dexter for a serious lack of football insight AND not knowing how dumb that comment was.

  • jj

    Come on. Manley didn’t even offer anything insightful regarding the game, sounding more lost in the interview than anything. I would have rather listened to Kenny Powers comment on the game. Shame on Dexter for a serious lack of football insight AND not knowing how dumb that comment was.

    • levi


      • al

        Slow down dude. This 2013 not 1913. the era of lynching is over. if u advocate castrating someone bc he said a gay slur, then ur brain should be yanked as well.

  • asbom

    If he was white and made that remark he probably would still have a job! JK.. LOL… People are way to sensitive.

  • Mark

    Interesting this comes from a man who had a disability. Did he have a speech impediment (studder)?

    I guess he didnt get enough reading when he was a kid. Ignorance is bliss they say

    • Billy

      He had brain surgery a few years ago, idiot.

  • Mike

    Yeah,,,this comes from an idiot who COULDNT READ HIS WHOLE NFL CAREER!>>.Just Stupid!!!!1

  • Billy

    Why should he apologize for stating a fact? The only thing he should apologize for is not adding “and so is Tony Romo”.

    • levi


  • AmericansRqueers

    Really? Who gives a fuck? Let men be men and quit turning this country into a fucking pussified nation run by faggots, lesbians and Nazi Dykes. A game like Football should be degrading towards anyone, that’s how men grow up, shoveling shit to each other and tough’n each other’s skin. Thank God the guy was black, because if he wasn’t this would have been a whole race issue when bashing queers has nothing to do with race. Time will tell, letting women and queers take over the radio, news, tv and film will only pussify our nation. Our kids will grow up with their dicks tucked in between their legs wondering what machoism is and why they start to grow tits and a pussy. I’m really starting to hate this fucking country, I hope there is a god and he turns this place into a Soddom and Gamora. Fuck you you fucking pussy faggot motherfuckers!

    • D

      What the F!?!?!

    • Brian

      It’s ok, Grandpa. Take your meds and go lie down awhile.

    • Truthis

      All things considered…AmericanRqueers…has a great point. So let me get this straight calling a homosexual a queer is offensive? No what’s offensive is the offense taken..especially given the acts they perform!

  • jh6320

    Well if the slipper fits…..

  • levi


  • richard ibex

    Who looks more queer than Dexter Manley? Nobody! Aikman gets more snatch free, than DM could buy. DM could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and the redskins suck.

    • Guyi73

      Maybe so, but we were div champs last year. Last I looked, you are 4 and 4…not so hot either. And if you measure a man’s integrity by the amount of “Snatch” he gets, than you may want to have a beer with D Manley, you two may have more in common than you think.

  • http://yahoo Dave Cathey

    wonder what he calls rg3. oklahoma proverb ,sticks and stones will break bones- but words will get you fricken head caved in.

  • Ann

    Why is everyone so up in Arms Dexter can’t read or write remember a few years ago he said his elementary teachers failed him. He doesn’t know the meaning of gay. He “Heard” someone else use the word. “Keep Calm”

  • http://yahoo jimmy sanchez

    at one time dexter could not spelled G.A.Y more less queer to many letters !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://preach2me19@hotmail.com Greg

    Why you say something as so uncalled for is beyond a lot of people. Ask your family that is now shot a few grand a month because you made a childish error. I feel bad that we as blacks that have gone through a lot to get to the status very few of us get. Now that we are to some degree get to places most blacks will never get, you show lack of maturity and intelligence with this so uncalled for remark that will cause you problems the rest of your sports life. You (is) done in the eyes of a lot of your piers. Dexter you were a force at one time. I forgive you and hope you go to church and get Jesus. He forgives and so do I. God help you Dexter the best I have seen play the game. Talk to Michael Ervin and he can assist you like the announcer did or him.

  • http://www.uglynigga.com Ugly Nigga

    Troy Aikman is GOD…he helped me forget about that STUPID 1981 Joe Montana to Dwight Clark corner of the end zone catch by the 49ers in the NFC Championship game by SPANKING the 49ers @ Candlestick park and sending Steve Young home TWICE while racking up 3 Super Bowls…TRIPLETS 4 LIFE (Aikman, Irvin, Smith)…and Dexter Manley is a faggot. -Ugly Nigga from http://www.uglynigga.com

    • lenard

      YO Mama! PUNK!!! B^&%!

  • Roger

    When a black person makes a comment towards a person it’s ok but when the shoe willit;s like the dam just burst.Dex’s can’t read or write so we will just let it go. Like that old saying “

  • George

    Dexter Manley was illiterate and spent time in the slammer. Why even print anything he said and shame on the media for this. Thank goodness for about freedom of speech. The statues of the United States protect big mouths like him that have no boundaries of what they say. What is wrong is that people like him that do not have since to run loose get into the media.

  • http://yahoo Victor L Guevara

    Is Manley admitting he’s not so manly?

  • Donnie Edwards

    This comes as no suprise from a ignorant illiterate man.His comment only proves this even more.

  • Hugh

    Well,as a lifelong Cowboy fan who is heterosexual,this is just ugly. An illiterate ex-con calling Troy a name?? Yeah,Dexter you are full of clASS. Troy probably has had more beautiful women in a day than Dexter will ever see in his pathetic life! Disgusting man! I know we sometimes go overboard with the political correctness,however,this is one time that he deserves all the negativity coming his way! Now,go back to prison again so you can improve your reading skills,heaven knows you should not be allowed anywhere near a camera or a mic!!

  • mike nerad

    That is a bush league comment from a classless individual. That’s funny that Manley would say something like that; he could not even spell that word.

  • adfasdfasdfasdfsdfsdf

    Tony Homo. It’s a Dallas thang.

  • John

    Which one is laughing all the way to the Hall of Fame?

  • Alberto

    Let’s get real. If Troy had called Dexter a NI*&ER, everyone would be up in arms about it (NOT that Troy ever would, he has too much class). I’m sure Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton would be ALL over that. In this case, since it was just the queers who might get offended, it’s OK.

  • bill

    just another stupid effin baboon that dont know when to shut up!

    • Just_a_guy

      Hard to call other people stupid, when you butcher grammar.

  • lorenzo

    Y would u let someone on your show who got thru school without learning how to read???

  • http://www.gibsonguitarmuseumkazoo.com mik dillon

    black jerk calls white guy gay….reverse that and the ncaap and obama would be villifying the white guy! so his 1/2 *** apology comes later….he loses his job and now everyone thinks troy is gay! wow what a world

    • Just_a_guy

      Fail to see what any president has to do with this…and it’s the NAACP, the NCAA is the slave master of college sports, the “P” is useless at that point. Try to stick to the topic.

      • Randall

        Troy is an intelligent adult, and I’m sure he’s capable of considering the source.

  • frank


  • Just_a_guy

    Hey Dexter,
    How many times did you get busted for coke? Maybe Aikman can refer to you as “cokehead” and then you guys will be even, you know, since you have been banned for life by the NFL…banned by a league that employs criminals as a routine. Your stance on Aikman is your opinion, you being a dirtbag drug addict is fact.

  • http://webpronews erin

    So why is it okay for a black dude to call somebody a queer yet if somebody calls a black dude the “N” word, all hell breaks loose? You, Dexter notamnaley, are an a@@hole.

    • Anthony

      Who said it was ok? I don’t hear anyone endorsing Manley.

  • Nothing But Trouble

    Troy is a big boy and can ignore incompetent childish people like Manley.

  • Lee

    The distribution of intelligence in this world is definitely not equal. My guess is that Dexter is looking for a new gig by the end of the week. If not, then the program manager missed the intelligence train too.

  • Luther Mann

    Manley should know something about queers. He served time at the Huntsville Unit when I worked there. Lets just say there are some nasty ways inmates “serve time.” Gridiron badasses are nothing compared to the badasses in prison.

  • Benny .

    Dexter is a drug addicted, ignorant radio wanna-be. To make a comment like that shows that he’s still as stupid as always. Of course, we all know that Aikman is going to be the mature one an not play along with his antics. Future radio stations need not to let him broadcast in their studio.

  • kutha17

    Somebody ask Dexter Manley to spell queer

  • Donald

    Meh… Who cares? It’s some former athlete that 95% of NFL fans don’t know. He said something in anger. Please raise your head if you never ever said anything disparaging vs a person or group of people based on their religion, politics, sexuality, sex, country of origin, level of wealth, familial status, race, weight, physical abnormality, pretty anything regarding their physical appearance or any other way we categorize people. People do it all the time. It’s just certain categories of insults that get stories like this.

  • bullconnor

    Manley can get away with it because he is black. If Aikman called him a nigger or baboon, he would be fired in a second just like Limbaugh was when he was fired from ESPN. All he did was tell the truth about McNabb being overated and that the media wants to promote black QB trying to have a black superstar QB. Racism? I doubt it!!

    • lenard

      Yo Mama!

  • Gabrielhues

    Kick the idiot off the air. No need for that kind of nonsense

  • Fan

    Manley lacks class. Aikman is a family man first, with super bowl rings, hall of fame jacket, and a great career after footall. What does Manley have? We’ll dismiss that he can’t read (although maybe now he can)

  • Blaine Daddy

    Stop being so sensitive, that is freaking hilarious!!

  • rich

    Troy is a Qu#$r and Manley looks Qu#@r but act gay.

  • Doug

    Troy is not gay. Just ask his really, really, really, really close friend Joe Buck.

  • Chris H.

    What does Troy’s preferences or Manley’s statements even matter? Honest to God this country is beginning to get off on hyper sensitivity.

    The Cowboys and Redskins are division rivals, much like the Steelers and Ravens, and the Packers and Bears. Plenty of emotion built up over the years. Let it roll off your back.

  • Oldfossile

    This was a very tasteless comment. It is about as gutter related as it can get. I have heard from other commentators on the NFL programs who were just as tasteless. This is why I only watch the games and turn off the rest. I hope someday it will improve. However …. I doubt it.


    Who really gives a shit? This country used to be a country that you could say anything, right or wrong. This crap is getting out of hand. you don’t have to like what he said, but he has every right to say it. If anything, I’ll stop listening to the clowns who are making such a huge deal out of nothing. Sticks and stones wll break my bones,but words will never hurt me…..remember when that was t norm? Grow up

    • http://Yahoo Pete Rosales

      O K BIGGI I got a BIGGI one then you. R U Jealous.

  • Bart Biddle

    Personally, I always though that dope dexter had a little bit of a flitty little lisp in his speech himself.

  • http://no dan rico

    That’s ok manley, you’re a ni 66 er, so all is forgiven.

  • 21stCenturyCalling

    Really America… If this gets people’s dander up it is time to evaluate our culture. There are so many people by poised to cry about every little thing said in the media today.

    It is time to regrow some thicker skin and stop obsessing over these trivial comments.

  • Jaye Dee

    I didn’t even realize Dexter was still alive until this came up. I don’t think anyone should be upset about it. It’s not like Dexter is offering anything worthwhile to the world. He uses the words he can repeat. Honestly, who cares what he thinks or says. It isn’t like he can spell Ph.D. He’s a sick old man, give him his bowl of Jello and let him go back to his room and stay there.

  • MIke

    Having lived in WDC for 20 years. Dexter has always stuck his foot in his mouth. He’s an ex-con, Basically he’s an idiot who should be forgotten.

  • JohnyPinga

    I only have to chime in to say…………I really don’t care. No, Honestly, I don’t care. Why this is news s beyond me.

  • r miiler

    if it had been vise versa, there would be outrage, aikman would be called a racist, and he would be out of a job. this double standard is sickening

  • doug

    Congrats Jim Farley and Joel Oxley from WTOP.(as well as the interviewer) Handled this with Class, dignity and setting the tone toward the future. Not the past. HIGHLY impressed. Just wanted to share.

  • Steve

    Here’s the thing … saying slurs about black people used to be funny to some years ago (but not to black people) … but society has evoled since then. So it’s kind of ironic that a black man today would think it was OK to slander ANY group (even for what he thought was funny years ago). Limited intelligance there (and that is about the MAN and not the color of his skin or his sexual orientation).

  • kc

    That comment was soooo wrong. He has a lot of nerve. He should not be allowed back on.. what was he trying to get some publicity for himself? I wouldnt put it past him. Maybe someone should call him something on national media and see how he likes it. scrambled eggs for brains!!