Trista Sutter Writes Book About Living Positively


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Bachelorette star Trista Sutter lives her life in a positive way, and she wants you to, too. She also wants you buy her book, Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart.

Television audiences laughed, cried, and probably cringed a little at some point, when they watched Sutter fall in love with her Vail firefighter husband Ryan on the first installment of the Bachelorette in 2003.

The couple went on to get married and have two children together, a son named Maxwell and a daughter named Blakesley.

In her book, Sutter discusses how she strives for a positive and grateful attitude towards life everyday.

“I feel incredibly blessed for so many reasons,” she stated in a report. “Some may think that I have lived a fairy tale, and I’d agree with them in regard to a couple magical moments of my life. My book, though, isn’t just about finding my “happily ever after.” Yes, I write about meeting and marrying the wonderful man I call my husband, but that story is part of a bigger picture ... part of the picture of gratitude that has been such a powerful force in finding my life’s happiness.”

See Sutter talk about her book, here:

Sutter seems to be all about self-empowerment and improvement. She recently underwent breast augmentation and an eye-lift before she turned 40 in an effort to revitalize her appearance. She later went on to reveal that her antibiotics and other medication from the surgery caused her physical and emotional pain.

Sutter even takes her grateful idealism to social media. Her Twitter followers are treated to her #favepartofday, in which she posts what she considers to be the best part of her day, everyday. See a few of her posts below:

She also believes in the power of “grateful journals,” and gifted her children with them. She asks that the little ones draw or write something they are grateful about.

Sutter hopes that her words and ideas can help others transform their lives and develop grateful hearts.

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