Trista Sutter Promotes Her Book on Gratitude

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Trista Sutter, once known for her fairytale romance on The Bachelorette, is an author now. Her new book, Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart was published in time for Christmas shoppers to add it to their lists, and she is still busy promoting it now. In her book, she shares an up close and personal look at the past ten years of her life and her marriage to hubby Ryan Sutter. The husband and wife actually met on The Bachelorette and he became her happily ever after. They have since had two children as well.

Shortly before Christmas, Trista wrote about her purpose for writing this book, in an exclusive for Access Hollywood. Here is an excerpt from her writings.

“I feel incredibly blessed for so many reasons. Some may think that I have lived a fairy tale, and I’d agree with them in regard to a couple magical moments of my life. My book, though, isn’t just about finding my “Happily Ever After.” Yes, I write about meeting and marrying the wonderful man I call my husband, but that story is part of a bigger picture … part of the picture of gratitude that has been such a powerful force in finding my life’s happiness,” she wrote.

On the day her book was released, November 26th, Sutter shared her excitement via Twitter.

Do you find it surprising that someone who met her husband on a reality TV show is still happily married ten years later? Trista Sutter is no doubt among those rare exceptions to the rule. Hopefully she, Ryan and their children will enjoy a lifetime of happiness, and that Trista continues on in her career as a published author.

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