Triplets All In Jail On Two Separate Charges

    December 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Two brothers may find themselves reunited with their triplet…in jail.

Deshawn and Juronn Shivers were recently convicted of unarmed robbery in Michigan and it’s very possible that they will share a prison with their brother Devon, who was already incarcerated for weapons charges and a home invasion charge. Devon will be locked up until at least 2042, but it’s unclear how much time Deshawn and Juronn will face. They were convicted on Monday for the 2010 theft of a man’s cell phone and wallet.

“They have been members of the ‘Sunny Side’ gang for years, and that includes siblings and family members,” Saginaw Police Sgt. Terry Carpenter said.

The gang includes older brother Sanford, who was convicted in 2001 on weapons charges and resisting police, among other things. He was released this summer, however. The family have apparently been giving local police problems for years, as the police department issued a statement regarding the capture of Deshawn and Juronn, saying they were “elated” by the arrests.

The Saginaw P.D. is elated by the recent convictions of Deshawn and Juronn Shivers and hope that they receive a stern sentence by the sentencing circuit court judge. Additionally, we thank the Buena Vista Police Department in their hard work producing the evidence needed to ensure a conviction in their most recent crime.

  • ruth selleck

    Looks like trouble in triplicate.
    Why in the world would the other two get in trouble, after seeing what happened to the first one, dumb, dumber and dumber again…

  • mavis

    Perfect example of enforced human sterlization to prevent more troubled spawn.

  • JCS

    Consider locking up the parents too, for failing to bring those kids up with any moral responsibility towards mankind.

    • dee

      That is so not fair for you to state that. You have no idea what the parents are like. For all we know, the parents are upstanding citizens but the kids fell to the wayside. Parents can raise their kids to do the right thing, have moral and values. But when a child comes of age, it is then that he or she will either follow what was taught or do what they want.

      • Rhys

        Dee, you do realize that the article says that the whole family is in this gang… right?


      It’s not the parents fault all the time..the parents can raise a child to the best of their ability…a child is going to do what the hell they want to do…so its not always the parents fault!!!

  • swetoz

    i just feel for the parents and may God give them courage to go through this and to the triplets i pray that as you serve this jail terms you may get transformed and when you come out you will be better pple and God loves you. be prayerful and God will turn your hard hearts to loving hearts your God’s children.

    • paulie o

      Ha Ha Ha. Yeah, God will save these mutts

  • Marty

    Outstanding citizens. The American decay will continue until a total and complete collapse. Keep giving out food stamps and all the other perks until no one works anymore. Let’s fill up those jails.

    • jen

      DUDE, Not everyone on food stamps are low lives and don’t work. Many families are on them for the childrens sake, perhaps you need to look into who receive them instead of being a naive Fu*K

    • Rhys

      Marty…. close your mouth, you are proving yourself stupid.

  • Isa

    Parents must be proud..

    • michele king

      Parents, no way, that’s why they have these issues.
      Someone gave birth and someone inseminated but parenting?

      • meca

        Sure hope your kids never do anything wrong, if so b sure to hold yourself accountable for there actions! but people like U probably dont have any kids so U will never know that once they become adults, they Do Have there OWN MIND!

  • 1965

    Glad these thugs are off the streets too!

  • billz

    Reunited … AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!

  • ron

    great idea. give em 50 yrsa and deportation. send obama, jesse jackson and al with em


      we will just send your MOMMA with them…How bout that????

      • jbej

        u are an idiot bastard ron,no curse to ur mon and dad but so sorry funding a an asshole like U into this world

    • waheed


      • DONT PLAY

        WHY not put him in the chair for another 4 years…Hell, Bush was in it!!!!!

      • jbej

        welcome waheed, Obama is at the whitehouse again because he has done and continue to do a grt job and the fools of the other need to releaze that the demongraphic of the this country has changed and having a sheep like u is no help to them either….since all of us can’t concregate at the whitehouse,our votes will always count to put in the rt people and take out the fools that think ur ways,,,,

        • DONT PLAY

          AMEN to that jbej…now, i will drink to that!!!!

        • Harry Bonar

          Idiot. Obumbler was reelected because of gibs me dat filth like you.

      • Rhys

        people like you complain about what you don’t know, waheed, better Obama than the moron mormon who doesn’t know what it is like to be not rich, who’s supporter spouts idiocy like “legitimate rape”. Idiots… all of you.

    • Rhys

      you are a moron, this has just been proven. Besides, your proctologist called, he found your head.

  • don

    I’m not going to say it, but we’re ALL thinking it…

  • mother of triplets

    As a mother of African-American triplet boys, this story is heartbreaking. It is unfortunate when young people are negatively effected by their environment and feel that “street life” is the only way. We know absolutely nothing about the parent(s) from reading this article and at some point, parents raise their kids to the best of their ability and then they become accountable for the choices they make. What’s more heartbreaking, is not the article, but the judgmental comments that follow. When kids shoot up movie theatres or college campuses, nobody is screaming “the parents were on welfare, get the scumoff the street.” I pray that for those who make these assumptions have excellent job security and top pay. The need for assistance can happen to ANYBODY. My HUSBAND and I are college degree holders, and while we were planning to have our third and final child, the Lord blessed us with natural triplets–no invitro, no drugs. In our area, with daycare at over $200/wk per child, I had to stop working and YES we get some assistance. Stop judging.Yes, these knuckleheads deserve to be locked up if they are out here committing crimes, but if it was your wayward child, you would be singing a totally different song. Nobody’s perfect.



    • meca

      U r so rite, they never say those things when they (Majority Race)shoot up movies and malls, but will immediately blame Welfare and Minority Parents for there Young ADULT children who commit crimes. Once they become Adults, they r the ones that should be held accountable for there actions. So stop blaming the parents, if u would like to put blame on any1 then blame SOCIETY! Like they say “u can lead a horse to the water, but U cant make it drink”

      • Rhys

        learn to spell…. and learn to read. Their family was in the gang… meaning… that their parents and other family members had been leading these three by the hand, but… they could have refused to hurt people who didn’t deserve to get hurt. I blame the family, society, and the ‘boys’ themselves

  • Dee

    Sibling always go to jail together or at the same time.

    • Rhys

      always? check your facts before you show your ignorance.

  • wow

    this is crazy to hear some people think well all i have to say is GOD be with the three young men and the people that made these hateful remarks!!!!!!

    • Rhys

      it is obvious that God was not in their thoughts when they did these things to innocent people. Perhaps you should think before you type? Or is that too hard for your IQ level to handle?

  • Marlis

    Some of these comments are plain ridiculous, what makes a racist any better than a robber, a thief, a molester or a murderer? It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, purple or orange, you all share the same father which is the Devil aka Satan by default of your thoughts and your actions. So take a look in the mirror before acting all high and mighty!!!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0XrHi5QTus isaac

      Um, you’re an idiot. Have a nice day.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0XrHi5QTus isaac

    They can’t help themselves. Degenerate behavior is obviously ingrained into their DNA.

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