Trimaker Unveils Its Latest 3D Printer

By: Zach Walton - February 25, 2014

One of the most amazing things about the 3D printing industry is that it’s not restricted to just one part of the world like so many other industries. There are dozens of manufacturers all over the world creating new 3D printers today that offer a little something for everyone.

Today’s 3D printer comes from Trimaker – a manufacturer based out of Argentina – and it’s called the T-Black. It’s a DLP printer that uses a UV projector to harden liquid polymer one layer at a time. As each layer is hardened, the build plate moves down allowing the next layer to be hardened until the print is complete.

Now, you may think that the T-Black is very similar to the Form 1. While both printers use a similar method, the Form 1 actually shoots plastic resin with a laser to harden it in parts. The T-Black can harden an entire layer at once with a UV projector. While both will print at about the same speed, the T-Black has a larger build volume and can print at a higher resolution.

The T-Black is available in its home country of Argentina for 38,720 pesos ($4,936 USD). There’s no word on a release outside of the country, but it’s not likely. If you want one, you’ll either have to import or fly to Argentina to pick it up yourself. You might be able to write it off as a business expense.

[h/t: Trimaker/YouTube] Image via Trimaker/YouTube

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  • David H

    I buy a printer. I buy 2 lbs of material for that printer. With that one machine and that 2 lbs of material, I can make anything I can design, be it a trinket, a yoda head in a sealed sphere, a cog for my gear system, or a prosthetic finger. Compare that to the old method of needing a separate machine to make different things by taking something big and removing pieces of it until it’s the right shape and size. Additive manufacturing is magnitudes more efficient than the alternative, even CNC milling. It is the future, and I’m excited to be able to witness it.

  • 3DPrintWise

    A lot is going to depend upon the quality, usefulness and desirability of the models created and moreover how those models get to consumers through marketplaces. With the exception of sites like, and a few others it is looking pretty proprietary. A few businesses are looking to keep a tight grip on market places developing but history is not on their side.

  • carterson2

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