Treblinka Camp Secrets: More Proof Holocaust Existed

    March 30, 2014
    Aleyia Dixon
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NBC News tells us of the grim secrets recently found by archaeologists at a Nazi death camp. The findings were also documented by filmmakers and shown Saturday on the Smithsonian television channel.

Treblinka is an Eastern Poland Nazi camp that claimed thousands of Jewish citizens in the early 1940s. The camp was destroyed by the Germans in 1943. After the war, Treblinka served as a memorial; the three sites of the death camp were not excavated in earlier years out of respect to the victims.

The archaeologists now cover the site with as much respect as possible; they wish to cause as little disturbance to the long-resting bones as possible. One of the first discoveries were quite unsettling– Stars of David tiles in the bathhouse where hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed were found– a part of the Nazi’s sadistic plan to lull the Jews into a false sense of security before their mass murder.

The Treblinka camp discovery is also important because it sheds more light on why some may deny the existence of the Holocaust.

The Treblinka camp was thoroughly dismantled and covered by Germany in what seems like a deliberate effort to cover their tracks, and the farmhouse and crops planted over the three-sectioned Treblinka sites give further evidence towards that sentiment. Become more enlightened on the subject by watching Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine on the Smithsonian channel. The premiere was Saturday at 8 p.m., but check your local listings for the repeat showings.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Robert Jennings

    I am thinking that the “doubters of the mass murdering by the Nazis” are related to the “birthers’ gibberish” we still hear, time and time, again. It must be a piece of work, hard toil, to be truly dumb and stupid.

    • steve Fowler

      To equate holocaust deniers with people who question obama’s birth certificate/pass port information, etc, is well, I guess is typical of the lib intelligentsia.

      • Augustus

        It’s comparable in that despite evidence for and a vast amount of people who acknowledge and accept what is being “debated”, there are still people who would much rather deny all of it. Not necessarily the degree of what happened.

        By the way, if you STILL think Obama wasn’t born on American soil, then… I don’t know. Don’t have kids and keep your thoughts to yourself. For as much resistance, demonizing, and outright opposition the republican party has had towards Obama, if they have accepted it, so should you. It’s not really that big of a thing, since, ya know, he’s been in office for over 6 years. I’m pretty sure the vetting process for presidential candidates is more through and detailed than the scraps and tidbits of gossip Fox News, Limbaugh, and Ted Nugent toss around.

        • 500c

          If Bill & Hillary couldn’t prove he was NOT born on US soil, I take that as proof!

          • Augustus

            Or the entire DCCC, FBI, RNC, or anyone else that looks into these kind of things beforehand.

          • 500c

            That’s why the “DCCC, FBI, RNC or anyone else” gave up. If Bill & Hillary couldn’t find anything, there was nothing to find.

        • steve Fowler

          Actually the vetting process for presidents is done by none other than their own party…if you think I’m lying go do the research and you’ll discover I am correct. The FBI has absolutely no role in vetting a president.

      • Robert Jennings

        Steve: Liberal!!!? The equation for lack of intelligence and perplexity is foremost in the club of doubters . . . Not being a liberal, I have no understanding of the ‘liberal intelligentsia’ of which you cite. I am too busy trying to convince the GOP extremists in Florida that their radical departures will only prevent true conservatives from reaching office.When Rush Limbaugh becomes party spokesman, and we allow it, we will never gain credibility with the very people who could support our ‘ conservative agenda’.

  • cowboy_joe

    My father helped liberate Buchenwald Concentration Camp as a GI. He took all kinds of pictures of piles of dead bodies. My mother remembered getting the picture in the mail from him. She could tell there were pictures in the envelope and was excited to see pictures of her husband as they had been separated for several years. She told me she screamed when she saw the pictures. I remember as a kid growing and seeing them and asking about it. He was an advocate that it was all real. He was not much of a kidder or jokster so I believed him. It was real. Though he didn’t talk much about his war experiences the rest of his life he was a fervent witness that the Holocaust was real. I remember as an adult asking him about the war, and asked why he never talked about his experiences. He said no one could imagine what it was like who hadn’t gone through it. He said pictures could never truly give an accurate image of the war. He said the sounds, the smells of dead rotting corpses of humans and animals and the air of death hung in the air everywhere you went. It was never stronger or thicker than when he was in the concentration camp. It was too painful to think about so he tried to bury it. My mother said he had nightmares all the rest of his life.

  • steve Fowler

    Wow..Star of David tiles in the bathhouses/Gas Houses…had never heard that…that is pretty sinister…the Nazi’s were nothing if not efficient.

  • brian

    Angela Merkel should be raped, tortured and murdered to teach German primates a big lesson!!!!

    • German

      Brian, you are not very educated are you. I don’t know how old she is, but I bet she was either a little baby or not born yet when all this happened. So why would say that she should be raped etc. to teach German “primates” a big lesson? Seems to me you are the primate for saying such a thing.

  • lr

    Well, here we have what appears to be some people who justify General Eisenhower’s order to have the photographers take plenty of pictures of the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews because someday someone will try to say it never happened. I guess the best way to avoid this kind of misunderstanding of history is to STUDY IT!!!


    Those that deny the Holocaust are ignorant and cruel. Look it up in Wikipedia.

  • tico tico

    So few Jews in the world, but so much hate. This is why Israel MUST exist, so that the deniers on this article cannot kill us all.

  • Cookie Puss

    The Nazis were proud of their policies against the Jews. They believed they were doing the the world a favor by exterminating Jews and other undesirables. Many surviving Nazis believe that to this day. So why deny that?