Trayvon Martin Street Art Memorial By Matthew Hincman Is A Hidden Treasure Of Boston

    June 24, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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A street artist in Boston has constructed his own small memorial to Trayvon Martin. Since the death of Martin over two years ago, America has still remained shaken, and many in the world are finding their own, sometimes small ways, of dealing. You could say the artist, Matthew Hincman, is adding a small word to the massive conversation that happened in the wake of the shooting and subsequent trial

What is the artist trying to say? Hincman is quite succinct in this description of the memorial on his website:

This site-specific sculpture depicts a cast-away hoodie sweatshirt lying on the ground, referencing the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, in 2012. Affixed to an abandoned lamp-post base in the shadow of the 1871 West Roxbury Civil War Soldier’s Monument, in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, STILL aims to provoke reflection on the legacy of racism, power, and privilege in the United States.

WBUR interviewed Hincman and discovered that he found the abandoned lamppost and was dying to leave his mark on it. “There’s no collective memory around those historical monuments any more,” he told them “Who do we memorialize? Why do we memorialize them in the public space?”

So he and his assistant placed the memorial without even asking permission first.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Hincman is somewhat famous for sneaking installation art into various public places. Here he discusses the philosophy behind the art in terms of an oddly curved park bench:

The art installation is gaining momentum on Twitter, with a few intrepid wanderers of Boston snapping their own photos of the memorial:

Of course, not all memorial street artists are as subtle, small, or creative as Hincman. Memorials to Martin are becoming a global phenomenon. It’s certain Hincman is not the last to leave his mark.

Image via YouTube.

  • American Losing their Freedom

    The Boston campaign was the opening campaign of the American Revolutionary War – The real Stand your Ground.

    The freedom and democracy loving are against the un-American and con- artist -Matthew Hincman,

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  • t bell

    screw trazy vonneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Emmanuel Charles

    Can I challenege EVERYONE to ignore those t bell comments?! Shit is just stupid….hate when assholes fuck up good shit. BTW….anybody know where exactly the lamppost is?

  • Nia

    It beautiful !

  • jeffylube2

    I would not make Travon Martin a martyr. Their are better examples for African American than this wantabe thug.

    • Ashley Ann Michele

      It is the principle of the issue not that he was a supposed thug. The kid did nothing wrong and was killed and for what? Because he looked suspicious? Maybe you’d view things differently if you were an African American.

      • #truth

        Did nothing wrong? How about assaulting George Zimmerman? Check your facts Trayvon apologists!

        • Check Your Facts

          Dude, do you even know what happened? George Zimmerman was following him because he looked “suspicious”. Zimmerman ended up at his house. If some giant guy was following you around and ended up at your house, tell me what you would do. I’m not saying we should make him a martyr, but this is going to happen again, and he is just the first unfortunate victim.

      • jeffylube2

        No one deserves to die but how do you know I do not have African American blood in my genome because you would be incorrect.

  • BJC

    So now we have a memorial for a gang banger home burgher violent criminal what is this country becoming. TM was a thug who got himself killed.

  • Alex858

    I guess a gang banging, drug dealing hoodlum deserves respect in todays society. What a joke.

  • bash0001

    Why Not make this thug a martyr? The made a martyr out of O.J. Simpson even though that thug is still alive living off your dime. I just can’t see why Blacks and most liberals idolize criminals so much. Is it that that is the life they think everyone should live?

  • Lukas Martin Miskowski

    https://buzcast.com/Government/57841613/President-Obama-Speaks-on-Trayvon-Martin See the president make a statement on Trayvon Martin