Transgender Homecoming Queen: “I can’t be Happy”

    September 22, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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On Friday, the first transgender homecoming queen was named in a high school in Huntington Beach, California. After winning the title, Cassidy Lynn Campbell posted a YouTube video venting about the negative responses that she has received.

“I’m always judged and I’m always looked down upon and I’m always made fun of,” she said. “Sometimes, I wonder, is it even worth it?”

Up until three years ago, Cassidy lived as Lance Campbell. She said she made the choice to live life as a girl was a very difficult decision. “This is how I’ve always been and this is how I’ve always felt. It’s not a choice,” she said. “This is something I’ve wanted for so long.”

Cassidy has received a lot of criticism from the community. “They think that I’m just a boy doing this for fun, and I’m just a boy dressing up as a girl and trying to win a crown when that is completely the opposite of what it is,” she said. “I’ve always seen myself as a girl.”

In the description of her YouTube video Cassidy said: “I am usually a very strong and confident person, but I have my moments too. although there was a lot was positive feedback, there was a lot of negative too, and the negative affected me more than it ever has before. I recorded this because I didn’t know how else to vent, I didn’t want to talk to anybody.”


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Video via NDN

  • jim

    Ever wonder why the middle east hates us , Prime example and no wonder .We have become the toilet of the world, A fruit loop kid that mommy dressed in dresses, I bet there’s no father in the picture. The school officials who tells.the kids its all right. And pats themselves on the back, Look I know its California, those folks don’t click on all cylinders. The school principal needs his tail kicked and run out of town, Frisco would love to have him. He would be good at a management position at the local bath house. There really sick people running loose, and preys on our children, And cloaks there sickness all in the name of being fair and not bias.

    • Hmm

      The rest of the world hates us because we are hypocrites and invade more countries than any other nation in the world. We kill many innocent men, women, and children. Our comfort here often comes at the expense of others in the world. Why are all your goods cheap at Walmart? Slave labor overseas. Our media simply never covers these things.

      That is why the rest of the world hates us. Not because of some kid in California.

  • Pumps

    I do disagreee with the Administrators; Principal, Counselors & Whomever in telling children [LGBT]who quesion who they are its OK [like a transgender] to be a Homecoming Queen [it should be reserved ONLY for a natural born female]. THIS IS REVERSED BIASED and if this were the REAL WORLD…legal problems would probably trigger a discrimination lawsuit [WOULD THIS SCHOOL ALLOW A FEMALE STUDENT TO PUT ON A “MALE WIG” — SAY THEY ARE TRANSGENDER and WIN the “Homecoming King” contest. THE ANSWER WOULD BE A RESOUNDING NO. I do believe God made us all; however, at the same time, some things in life like a “Queen” “King” contest or “Beauty” contest should be reserved to an individual who is a natural born female or male. If one wants to be a beauty queen I strongly suggest someone out there start a “Transgender America Pageant” and allow ONLY Transgenders to enter. That would be fair. THE WORLD IS CRUEL AND BEFORE THAT senseless and “detached from reality” Principal allowed this; HE should have told this student in the most harsh –real life/world– way that you will have some congratulate you but many will ridicule you in the worst way….do you REALLY believe this is what you want [I bet this was never said to this student]?

  • Jim II

    they despise dominion Jim and have been given
    over to a reprobate mind, not being able to
    discern the truth from a lie.
    All we can do is Pray for their souls.

  • june

    Women(natural)can’t have nothing to call their own, changing the rules because people are afraid of being call homophobic. Being force to accept a choice they had made for themselves.