TransAsia Airways Plane Crashes, 47 Dead

    July 23, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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A TransAsia Airways turboprop airplane crashed on an island near Taiwan on Wednesday, killing 47 people. The crash set buildings on fire, however no one in those buildings suffered injuries or died. The plane–a 70-seat ATR 72–was making its second attempt at landing on the island of Makong during a severe thunderstorm.

Eleven of the TransAsia Airways passengers were transported to the nearest hospital with injuries.

“It was thunderstorm conditions during the crash,” Hsi Wen-guang, a spokesman for the Penghu County Government Fire Bureau. “From the crash site we sent 11 people to hospital with injuries. A few empty apartment buildings adjacent to the runway caught fire, but no one was inside at the time and the fire was extinguished.”

About 100 firefighters were sent to the scene, as well as 152 military personnel and 255 police officers. An official at the Civil Aeronautics Administration reported that the weather conditions at the time of the crash didn’t exceed international regulations for landing a plane of its size.

TransAsia’s president, Chooi Yee-choong, has appeared on national television stations, bowing in apology for the loss of so many lives.

“We express our deepest apologies to everyone for this unfortunate event,” he said.

Of course this tragic TransAsia Airways plane crash comes on the heels of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 that was reportedly shot down over Ukraine, as well as Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared without a trace back in March. It is no doubt making people from around the world rethink their travel plans.

This TransAsia Airways plane was part of a fleet of 23 Airbus and ATR aircraft. Based in Taiwan, the airline features flights to and from mainland China, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia, as well as other Asian destinations.

Condolences are going out from around the world to TransAsia Airways and the passengers and crew members who died on this tragic flight.

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  • smithsson

    I can’t say I’m extremely empathetic even though dozens were killed. This Typhoon Matmo has been tracking for at least the last 4 days. It’s been all over the news, the papers, the television on the other side of the globe. 2 other typhoons have past recently heading to Japan and Malaysia and already tracked a lot of damage and death. The satellite images shows a typhoon Matmo with a diameter several times bigger than the entire island. Forecasters were expecting heavy rain, flooding, over 100 mph winds, and expected it to be worse because it was picking up a lot of the warm pacific waters and dumping a lot of it on the mountainous island. The airplane flight plan was clearly flying in the direction of the typhoon even though 90% of all businesses and flights were already canceled.
    A) what were those passengers thinking flying into such a dangerous situation? …or hopping on a plane in those conditions?
    B) The pilots/co-pilots/air traffic controller knew those were dangerous conditions to fly in. Why didn’t they just cancel it like any rational man?

    I’m sorry, but there’s just so many words I choose not to type because the level of incompetence, ignorance and mindless brashness defies belief. [ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F*** bleepity-bleep @%$%^ MIND??!!!!] How do all these people ignore so many blatant caution signs?!