Trains, Urinals, And Iranian Nuke Mashups

    January 13, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Users around the world have done a lot with the APIs provided by the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Amazon; one site delivers a RSS feed of mashups, so no one has to miss out on the next one to come along.

Warning: this is a Friday article. Search engines companies and tech luminaries have failed to do anything interesting or felonious over the past several hours. Thus we interrupt your regularly scheduled WebProNews reading for this special article.

Have you ever wondered where the trains are running in Dublin? Or what the urinals look like in the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo? Maybe you’re wondering about the nuclear development taking place in Iran that’s been making news.

The Mashup Feed website provided by Programmable Web delivers those mashups, either by visiting the site or by subscribing to its RSS feed. Mashup Feed provides sections on the most recent and most popular mashups, APIs most used in mashups, and the most common tags for them. API and tag clouds can be viewed below the sections.

The RSS feed went live this week. “Who needs a blog that talks about mashups when you can get mashups directly?” Programmable Web posted on its blog. The original Mashups site can still be found online, too.

Google Maps figures in the most mashups, by a significant margin; “mapping” likewise is the most popular tag. Clicking on a specific popular or recent mashup takes the visitor to that site, while selecting an API or tag pulls up a profile of that item along with its mashups.

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