Trailer Released For ‘Splice’ Director’s ‘Haunter’

    July 31, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Back in 2009, Vincenzo Natali, the director of the cult classic Cube, released Splice. Though the movie was well-received as a newcomer to the sci-fi/horror genre, it has taken four years for the director to release his next movie.

Natali’s new flick is Haunter, a horror movie that debuted at this year’s South by Southwest film festival. The movie stars Abigail Breslin (from Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland, and the upcoming Ender’s Game) as a teenage girl who lives in a haunted house. Not the most original horror premise, but the twist is that Breslin’s character will be helping a ghost solve a mystery and prevent a disastrous event from repeating itself.

The first trailer for Haunter has now hit the internet, showing off what appears to be a fast-paced thriller filled with occult references:

Haunter is scheduled for a limited release in the U.S. starting October 18.