Traffic To Twitter Nearly Doubles In Two Months

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Twitter’s been the subject of embarrassing outages, spam concerns, and serious questions about its general usefulness.  None of this seems to matter much, though, as new data from Compete shows that the service is growing at an extremely impressive rate.

Compete’s Max Freiert writes, "In terms of U.S. visitors, Compete has seen Twitter traffic nearly double from February to April, currently attracting nearly 1.2 million people per month."  Also, "In terms of time spent on site as a share of all time spent online, Twitter has grown dramatically – more than quadrupling" in the past 180 days.

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 Compete’s Data On Twitter
(Photo Credit: Compete.com)

The one odd thing about Compete’s "online attention" graph is the frequent occurrence of deep dips.  Freiert connects these to weekends, and perhaps it isn’t ideal for Twitter that people pay less attention when they’re not chained to desks.

The service seems to enjoy an unusually high level of popularity among young people, however, and it’s hard to criticize any aspect of such rapid growth.

MG Siegler asks, "If this kind of growth keeps up, at what point do we consider Twitter mainstream?"  He then notes, "Of course, Twitter has to stay up long enough for this to happen."

Traffic To Twitter Nearly Doubles In Two Months
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  • http://twitter.com/clarencecoggins clarence coggins

    The thing about twitter is that it is so simple it’s complex for many people. "How does it work?", "I’m to busy doing what I’m doing to pay attention to what other people are doing?", and "What is it for?" of the main questions I get.

    As an internet marketer, I start of by telling people it is one of the best way to keep up what is going on in the internet. I’m able to get a lot of scoops because I follow some of the lesser known but significant players in my field.

    While I follow people, I also see it as bonder among my teammates. I’m able to see what they are working at my discretion. Which is great because I don’t have to worry about my email bulk folder being cluttered.

    The only reason why I don’t use twitter more when I’m not at the computer is because my current cell phone isn’t twitter compatible. I have a really cheap Motorola by Tracfone. But when I make the decision to get another phone my time on twitter away from the computer will increase.  That’s because the more exciting and rich  your life is the more valuable your twitter become.

    I’m going to tweet this once I finish. Twitter most definately is being slept on by a lot of people like Snapvine is.

  • http://www.jakesprofits4life.com Jacob Rhodes

    Its good to hear positive things about Twitter and other social networking sites as I advertise almost exclusively on social sites.



  • http://www.emortgagellc.com Guest

    I agree , I signed up with Twitter and started.  Then stopped.  I am not really sure what to do……. Any suggestions for this Newbie would be greatly appreciated.  Also how has Twitter helped your business network?

    Thank you


  • http://inspiroi.net inspiroi

    I found some nice sites from other people tweets.

  • http://melanie-writeon.blogspot.com Melanie Kissell

    As I see it, Twitter is atypical, off the beaten path, and it defies common sense.  You are constantly challenged to cram your info into a tiny space of ony 140 characters.  It’s a ‘Tweet Sweet’ microblog! 

    I’m pleased to hear that Twitter’s popularity is growing swiftly.

    Write On!



  • http://www.todaysbags.com David

    More than anything else, I signed up for Twitter so that I could stay connected to my family.  Sure, we talk once every few weeks in depth about things, but it’s really nice to stay in touch about the everyday stuff in almost real time.

    I’m curious to know how people use Twitter to market.  As I imagine it, it would take a whole heckuva lot of time and effort to be in touch with one person at a time.  But I’ve seen other articles indicating that internet marketers have jumped all over Twitter.

  • http://www.guruetteonthenet.com Marianne McEachern

    It is so addictive! I learn so much even with the shortness of entries. I could spend half the day following people. It’s fantastic. When I first signed up I didn’t really "get it", but now I find it amazing.

  • http://www.3abkr.com Mohamed

    Twitter is a very nice. i like it very much.

  • http://www.wankerparty.com Chas Diamond

    I know the Masturbate-a-thon in San Francisco next week is using twitter-gasms for sponsored masturbators to report their climactic moments.

    It certainly seems that Twitter is ideal for stuff like this – small moments.

    My site, Wankerparty.com – the masturbation celebration will definitely be looking at Twitter as a way to spread our seed.

  • http://www.dotcomsecrets.net Internet Markeitng Joy

    Eventhough a lot of negative publicity and write ups came out regarding Twitter’s usefulness..it still gave the site a positive outcome..more people became aware of it..just like the popular cliches bad publicity is still a publicity..^^

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