Tracy Morgan Shocker: Will Comedian Be Left With Permanent Brain Damage?


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It may be hard for members of the public to understand the kind of trauma experienced by actor Tracy Morgan during his horrific car accident.

But recent news should help to drive home just how difficult recovery has been for the 45-year-old comedian.

According to Morgan’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli, it’s still unknown whether or not he will ever be able to perform again.

Tracy is currently undergoing rehabilitation for damage received when his limousine was struck by a Walmart truck driver on the New Jersey turnpike. The accident, which occurred back in June, took the life of James McNair, a good friend of Tracy Morgan’s.

The incident also left Morgan in critical condition, at points looking as though he too may succumb to injuries.

Tracy Morgan has battled back from the brink, making serious strides.

However, the 30 Rock actor had to content with more than broken bones. Morelli also said that Morgan suffered from a severe brain injury.

He’s also reportedly in rehab to repair his speech, cognitive, vocational and physical functions.

Even with all the hard work, it’s believed that a complete recovery from injuries might be impossible.

There’s speculation that Morgan may not be able to walk again without some form of assistance.

However, as his recovery is ongoing, it’s too soon to say whether or not not this is a definite reality.

Tracy’s lawyer seems to have a great deal of faith in his client’s chances.

"Mr. Morgan is a fighter,” said Morelli, “He's fighting to get better. And if there's a chance for him to be back to the Tracy Morgan he once was, he's going to try to do that.”

Tracy Morgan is suing Walmart over the car accident. The company fired back that Morgan and his fellow passengers are partially to blame for the events of the night as they were not wearing seat belts.

Kevin Roper, the Walmart driver who plowed into Morgan’s limo from behind, was charged vehicular homicide and assault by auto for his role in the horrific event.

Reports indicate that Roper hit the vehicle while going 65 mph. The speed limit was 45 mph that night due to ongoing construction.