Tracy Morgan Fights For Full Recovery, Chris Rock Offers His Support


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We already knew that Tracy Morgan's condition following the horrific car accident in June was serious.

Months later and Morgan is still undergoing rehab to regain the ability to function at near the capacity he once did.

However, Morgan's lawyer dropped a major bombshell on the comedian's fans recently.

Benedict Morelli told the Associated Press that his client was not only struggling to overcome severe brain damage, but that it's becoming increasingly doubtful that Tracy Morgan will ever completely recover from his injuries.

"I'm not saying he'll never recover," explained Morelli, "I'm saying we don't know."

Even though Tracy Morgan has been out of the hospital for some time, he is still undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

Although Morelli considers Morgan a fighter, the lawyer wants the public to be realistic about the comedic actor's chances.

"[Morgan] had a traumatic brain injury; That's what the hospital records say, and that's what he was treated for."

The brain injury is what is largely to blame for Morgan's ongoing rehab, which includes cognitive, speech, and physical rehabilitation.

The serious nature of his injuries and the death of his close friend and mentor James "Jimmy Mack" McNair is what led the comedian to sue Walmart.

The company has since denied responsibility for the accident, going on to state that Morgan and his fellow passengers are at least partially to blame for their injuries as they were not wearing seat belts.

Tracy Morgan will appear in the upcoming Chris Rock comedy Top Five, which he filmed before the car accident.

Rock spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the project. During the interview, he offered his full support to Morgan and his recovery efforts.

"[Tracy Morgan] is fighting his way back," said Chris Rock. "It's sad. That's my boy."

Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan have worked in three movies together, and there was a strong possibility of more projects in the future.

Rock said that he's "hoping for the best" when it comes to Morgan's condition.