Tracking Your Advertising Dollars with Overture’s Marketing

    July 16, 2004

If you use Overture (which is owned by Yahoo) for your Pay Per Click Advertising, you might be interested in another powerful service they offer called “Marketing Console.” It allows advertisers to measure the performance of all marketing campaigns, no matter what type of online advertising that is being utilized.

We all spend money on advertising to promote our websites; it’s part of being an online entrepreneur. But do you know how well those dollars are converting? With Marketing Console you can see how well your site’s visitors are converting to actual customers. Find out how many new and how many of your repeat shoppers are actually completing the sales process. This kind of information is valuable to any marketing plan.

So what kinds of advertising can you track? All types, from email ads, banner ads, search engine PPC and more. By tracking their campaigns, advertisers can measure CPA (cost per acquisition), and the return on every dollar spent. By making more informed marketing decisions, you can spend your advertising budget where it’s doing the most good, instead of blindly throwing good money after bad.

With Marketing Console you’ll have access to a full line of detailed reports. These reports show ad campaign performance, visitor search behavior, and the quality of your website traffic as it passes through your site.

Conversion rates tell you how well your website traffic is turning leads into actual sales. By carefully reviewing conversion rates you can make changes to your site, if needed, to increase the number of people who actually buy your product/service.

Marketing Console is only available to Overture advertisers, so to get started, you first have to open an Overture account. There are different packages to choose from and you’ll want to pick the one that’s best suited to your website’s traffic needs.

All packages are based on “leads.” A lead happens every time someone enters your site. Overture’s official definition states, “a lead is confined to a single unique browser session.” All packages include 30 days of free support.

Here’s a brief run down of the packages available:

Package #1- 149.00 Monthly- Includes 40,000 Leads .37 per lead after that

Package #2- 199.00 Monthly- Includes 70,000 Leads .28 per lead after that

Package #3- 249.00 Monthly- Includes 125,000 Leads .20 per lead after that

Package #4- 399.00 Monthly- Includes 500,000 Leads .18 per lead after that

Package #5- 599.00 Monthly- Includes 1,000,000 Leads .16 per lead after that

Package #6- 999.00 Monthly- Includes 2,000,000 Leads .14 per lead after that

So now that you have your account and you’ve chosen a package, how do you get it to work with your website? Marketing Console uses Javascript code and Cookies to track the visitors that stem from your marketing campaigns as they travel through your site.

There are essentially 3 tags that you’ll need to paste onto your pages to make everything work. They are:

1) Universal Tag: Must be placed on all pages of your website.

2) Shopper Tag: Triggers when a visitor becomes a shopper; i.e., putting something in the shopping cart.

3) Conversion Tag: Placed on your confirmation/ thank you page.

Marketing Console is a very powerful tool that can turn you into an intelligent advertiser who makes wise decisions about online advertising. For more information visit:

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