Tracking RSS Reading Trends With Google Reader

    January 4, 2007

Google’s added a nifty little tool to Google Reader that allows you to view stats on your RSS reading trends.

I’m not quite sure how this information is going to help me – other than prove I am addicted to blog reading – but it’s somewhat fun to examine.

What would be cool is to see this data across the entire Google Reader user base (anonymous of course). It would be interesting to see when others do their reading.

Anyway, seeing as Darren and Matt have both shared details of their reading habits, here are some of mine.

What’s interesting is that I don’t “read” every single post. I divide my feeds up using tags, and unless you’re in the “tier 1″ tag, I’ll likely just read the titles of posts to see if something catches my eye. You may also be wondering about the one item I starred – well, I started starring items, then decided to “share” them instead.

Looks like I start ramping up my reading in the middle of the week, doesn’t it. Actually, I’ve noticed for a long time that Wednesday seems to be the most popular day for news stories, so there’s simply more stuff to cover on that day.

This pilgrim doesn’t get up too early! 😉 I already knew that I tend to do most of my blogging between 9 and 10, this definitely confirms it.

As someone that spends a lot of time promoting reputation monitoring and management, aren’t you glad I practice what I preach? Out of a habit formed while working at WebSourced, I keep a watchful eye on anything said about me or the blog. That aside, I learn that Lee, Rand and Neil do a great job in capturing my attention.

Anyone else want to share?



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