Toyota Going To Canada

    May 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Another new plant will be built in North America, this time in Woodstock, Ontario, according to reports.

No official confirmation has been made about the new plant, which would produce smaller vehicles in its product line. The new Scion, which has helped drive domestic sales in the US, could be made there.

In the Asian Wall Street Journal, Toyota executives have decided to utilize their existing Georgetown, Kentucky, Camry plant to build a hybrid version of the Camry. Plans to move production of other hybrid vehicles to North America are in the works.

White-hot sales of the Prius have motivated the company to extend its hybrid technology to other vehicle models. The hybrids use less gas than standard engines, and demand for the Prius has been so strong that dealers have been adding thousands of dollars to its sticker price.

In a move that looks politically motivated, Toyota chairman Hiroshi Okuda has stated the company may be open to sharing its gasoline-electric hybrid technology with ailing automaker General Motors.

GM would benefit from that sharing. Right now, used Prius models sell for more than the listed manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Demand for what had been GM’s top-selling SUVs plummeted as gas prices sailed over two dollars a gallon.

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