Tower Climber Falls, Dies in Seattle

    May 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A man climbing a power tower in Seattle has died, but not for lack of climbing ability.

According to an Associated Press report, the man was climbing a 200-foot power tower when he touched a high-voltage power line and was electrocuted, falling to a platform that was around 150 feet off the ground. The incident occurred around 12:30 am PDT on Friday morning.

The man remains unidentified and the Seattle fire department has not yet determined why the man was climbing the tower.

The fire department called in a helicopter to help ascertain the situation after it received reports of a fire on the tower. Witnesses had reported seing a bright flash and sparks. After finding the body, Seattle’s power company cut the power to the lines so that the fire department could recover it. The AP report stated that a “cap” and cellphone were found near the body.

  • abinico warez

    Natural selection at work.

  • Freddy Kruger


  • Johnny Johnson

    He had to have been suicidal to touch a hot line. All the climbers I know are good, intelligent people and a bit fearless & fool hardy too
    but certainly, he would have known better.

  • Bugotti

    Snap Crackle and Pop in his morning!!!! Hear of Rice Crispy!!!!

  • jcnative

    New “Darwin Award” winner

  • michaela

    i am sure this guy got a CHARGE out of life…. he would say his climb was ‘electrifying’. He did this to try to JOLT others into not doing it

    someone stop me…..

    i heard he liked the group AC/DC…..

    • Rick

      ROFLMFAO… nature has a way of weeding out the stupid.

    • aj

      undoubtedly, this tragedy has you electrified!

  • Redbreast

    Idiots abound. Just look at leftists and liberals.

    • aj

      But george bush was a conservative republican

  • GozieBoy

    He did NOT “fall to his death”. He was already a crispy critter before he hit the platform.

  • vincon

    I cannot believe how callous these comments are. A person died a horrible death! Can you at least show some sympathy? Can you not show at least some empathy? At least for his family?

    Ya know…I can’t either. The guy was an idiot.

  • Mark F. Vinette, MD

    So you all find it necessary to make fun of a man’s death. Just what kind of people are you? No, it was not the best judgement to climb the tower but he did. People have been climbing electric towers forever. So now you think you have the right to make fun of him and tell everyone how stupid he was? You are the ones who are arrogant, are pin heads and sorry excuses for human kind. You sit behind your keyboards and write something which makes you feel superior but the fact is people have been killed doing stunts thousands of times. You are probably the same people who would go to a circus and hope the high wire walker falls. Disgusting human beings.

    • Rick

      Grandad always said “what your head don’t know your arse makes up for” I have no empathy for the stupid! swim in water with sharks and get bitten your stupid. go in cage with wild animals and get killed your stupid.

      • http://gmail.com Connor

        You’re an idiot, you deserve to be shot

    • Teri

      Mark I have to agree with you its utterly disgusting the comments that are left here.. it makes me feel sad for the mothers of these people to think their children turned out to be cold and calloused human beings if I saw one of my children respond in this way I would have a field day with them…My Heart & prayers go out to the family in their loss, and my heart goes out to this Precious Man who lost his life May he rest in Peace.. & to those who are making these disgusting comments just know God is watching and you will be judged in the same manner that you judge others, Lord touch their hearts they need you..

  • mike c

    I work for the power company in fl and have climbed the same type of towers he would have had to really reach out to make contact with the conductor maybe he wanted to die what a shame that a person so young would kill himself

    • http://gmail.com Connor

      It wasn’t suicide Mike C, so quit making such statements.

  • http://gmail.com Connor

    You people making these comments are unbelievable. This is a humans, a sons, a friends, life we are talking about. This man touched more peoples lives than you people will ever hope to, and it was a horrible accident, nothing more.

  • Terri

    Please remember this is someone’s son, brother, and friend. He was the valedictorian of his class, an amazing young man who went out of his way to help others. No, it wasn’t suicide or drugs. It was simply a very unfortunate and tragic accident. I know this because he was my stepson’s best friend for more than 20 years. Shame on those who are so quick to judge.