Tough Times & Getting Tougher?

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I live in Eugene Oregon. We have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. It’s also the highest unemployment rate in Oregon’s history, varying from 8% to over 15%.

Getting any kind job in Oregon is a full time job in itself. Even menial jobs are in high demand here.

For Example 😉

Wanted Oregonian To Change A Light Bulb

Job requires PHD in electronics; only journey level electricians need apply. To apply you will stand in line 12 hours and complete a 27 page application. You must successfully pass a three interview process, a drug test, and complete a work test actually changing 3 light bulbs.

Hopefully it’s not this bad yet where you live, but get prepared. There is a worldwide leveling of living conditions. Since it’s getting harder for existing companies with employees to make a profit, it’s getting harder to get and hold jobs for the rest of us.

If you do what others do you can expect is to get what others have? In tough times it often pays to think outside the box. Original thought is the key to success in any venture.

Land Of Opportunity

In North America we are blessed with an economic system that supports growing a business. The Internet makes small business success easier in nearly every country in the world, provided you have developed the skills required.

Every successful business started with an original seed thought, was nurtured by desire and hard work. McDonalds started with an original concept “the drive in restaurant”; today fast food is one of the biggest industries in the world.

It’s not easy to come up with an original concept for a business, or even a unique angle or approach, yet that’s exactly what’s required to insure success. Once you have discovered your seed concept success is usually only a matter of time.

Many successful people fail more often than they succeed yet they become successful because they don’t give up. Successful people constantly rework their master plan on the fly. Failure is an essential step in the learning curve helping to refine your concept and develop your business. Leveraging your failures builds skill and refines your vision.

Building On success

Success builds on success as well as failure, building on success is better. The reason many businesses frame their first dollar is because it’s often the hardest dollar they ever earned.

Business runs on momentum. Like launching a rocket, it requires the most effort getting off the ground. As it grows it requires less time and effort. Your income also grows exponentially as your business grows.

Jobs are Valuable

I never advice anyone to quit their day job, especially in the first year or two. A job can provide you a source of income to fund your business growth, and give you the time required to refine your business plan.

Growing a business will require more skills than you start with, you might have to take night classes or do a lot of reading and research on your own. It’s nice not to have the extra pressure needing to generating income while you’re still deep in the learning curve.

Don’t quit your job; let it fall away after you have replaced the income and you know you won’t need it anymore. You can always get another job; it’s even easier to get a better job after you’ve developed your business skills.

How to get Started

It almost doesn’t matter how you get started, just get started. If you accept the concept that you don’t already know it all you can’t fail, everything you do will teach you more and refine your skills. Start gradually, and as you learn more, do more. If you over commit yourself at the start you are more likely to get overwhelmed and quit.

Your business will direct your learning curve. Take the time to learn whatever it is your business requires you know at any given time. It’s powerful, and it’s easier than you would expect.

I started out after I had lost my job and needed an immediate income, that’s the hardest way to proceed. The only good thing about the way I started was my needs provided additional motivation I personally needed to succeed. I had a family to feed. It was only after I had exhausted all my savings and borrowed all I could that I started to earn. If I had quit too soon all my effort would have been wasted.

Don’t Get In A Hurry

If you have the desire for more freedom and security, you need to be more motivated than most. There are two ways to proceed; you can hire talent if you have the money or you can learn the skills required. In the long run, skill development is usually the best approach because skills are transferable.

Expertise is a requirement for success. If you need a website and don’t know how to design a website, hire an expert or learn how to design your own. If you don’t understand advertising, hire an expert or learn a step at a time through trial & error.

Learn everything you really need to understand to make your business succeed and hire experts to do the tedious tasks that are uninteresting to you personally. Use your strengths to advantage and strengthen your weaknesses over time..

If you want to start out with something simple, that’s OK. You are unlikely to make much money at the start, but you will learnThe skills to propel you to the next step. Start where you are to get to where you want to be a step at a time.

How Strong is Your Desire?

Real security doesn’t come from a steady job or an insurance policy. Real security comes from following your passion and knowing nothing can stop your long term forward progress. It’s what Wilber and Orville used that sustained them till their airplane took flight.

To be honest, most folks don’t have enough burning desire to do what’s required to build their own empire. That’s why they have jobs. Inspired people hire the rest build their vision. In the long run, it’s better to be the employer than the employee.

People don’t fail in business, they quit. It’s never easy starting out, and you are not likely to earn much money during the first months, sometimes even for years. Failures are propellers for the determined.

How strong is your desire? If you won’t quit you can’t fail.

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Tough Times & Getting Tougher?
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