Smartphones May Be Diagnosing You In The Future Via New Touchscreen Technology


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You can do a lot with your smartphones. You can get directions, pay your bills, watch movies, play games, browse through dinner recipes. It's an endless list that everybody could probably contribute to. In other words: you get it. But one thing your phone may be capable of doing in the future is diagnosing your illnesses.

No, I'm not talking about that Yahtzee!-like practice of self-diagnosing yourself by Googling your symptoms. That's a horrible thing to do to yourself so you should stop doing it (seriously, stop doing that). And no, I'm not talking about apps that assess any symptoms you enter and then spit out some offerings of what you could have. This is real: scientists in South Korea have developed a new technology that would enable a touchscreen - like the one attached to your smartphone - to diagnose you by simply placing a droplet of of saliva or blood onto the screen.

If you can get past the more-than-a-little gross notion of intentionally bleeding or spitting a little onto your cellphone, you may stand to benefit quite a bit. The Daily Mail reports that the scientists who created the technology claim that the recognition rate is "almost 100% accurate" with its diagnosis. In fact, one researcher anticipates that this diagnosing touchscreen-technology would even be able to diagnose serious ailments like cancer and diabetes.

The Daily Mail has an accompanying video with the story that includes further interviews with the researchers who may have just changed pathology forever. Hopefully this will eliminate the all-time most self-destructive habit in all you budding hypochondriacs out there in the world of Googling your diagnosis. Because, really. Stop. Doing. That.