Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott Share Family Christmas Video

By: Meaghan Ellis - December 27, 2013

With four children, it’s probably safe to say actress Tori Spelling’s home is probably never boring.

If her blog and family videos are anything to go by, one can clearly see life is always exciting, and the Christmas holiday was no different.

Spelling has actually been chronicling the holiday season for the past week, but today she decided to offer a visual of her four beautiful children. But first, check out where it all started.

A couple of days ago, Spelling took to her personal blog, ediTORIal, to share one of the children’s pictures with Santa on her website, reports ABC News.

She also included a brief message with the picture, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

“I had to share our annual Santa photo with all of you! How cute do my babes look?! Stella looks like she’s enjoying her visit with Santa, but Liam, Hattie and Finn all have pretty funny expressions on their faces. How would you caption this pic of the McDermott brood with Mr. Claus? Hope you’re all having a very Merry Christmas with the ones you love!,” said Spelling.

Then, today Spelling posted a video of her children on Christmas morning. The short video captures the couple’s two oldest children Stella, 5, and Liam,6, still dressed in pajamas while unwrapping presents.

The couple’s youngest child, 1-year-old Finn, was shown laughing and squealing with excitement as his siblings played with their new toys. Spelling’s husband, is also heard talking in the background near Spelling.

Despite the rumor mill brewing, it appears Spelling and McDermott had a wonderful Christmas holiday with their children.


The 40-year-old actress-author took to Twitter and YouTube to share their family Christmas video with fans.

Spelling also posted the video on her blog site, along with a brief story behind the video,  in a post she coined, “Christmas Morning at the McDermotts”. “I can’t believe Christmas is already over. We had such a fun day hanging at home unwrapping presents, eating homemade goodies and watching movies. So grateful for my family” said Spelling.

Image via Twitter | Tori and Dean  ediTORIal | Tori Spelling 

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  • Ever Notice

    Ever notice how all these celebrity women send out these fake Christmas cards depicting the perfect lives and families, but in reality nothing at all is going right. From the Kardashians to this woman … it is nothing but fake.

    I swear women in America are in love with an illusion and not with real life. For women it is all about putting on a show for their friends and not about actually creating a life.

    So superficial.