Topic of Net Neutrality Gains Momentum

Developments bring it to forefront.

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Net neutrality is a hot issue among groups such as public interest groups, Internet startups, and even political groups; however, recent developments have added to the popularity.



The subject first became a “real issue” about two years ago when telephone and cable companies desired to transform the open platform of the Internet to a platform similar to cable TV.

Within the past six months, Comcast actually demonstrated this effort without consumer consent and got caught. Comcast excuses its practice of intentionally slowing and blocking certain traffic and file transfers on its own network claiming it is necessary to keep its network operational.

The Federal Communications Commission is currently investigating the actions of Comcast.

The Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008 introduced to Congress by U.S. Representatives Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Charles "Chip" Pickering (R-Miss.) would prevent any further activity similar to that of Comcast’s from happening. If enacted, the bill would also require the FCC to act on issues of net neutrality and hold public hearings.

Consumer advocacy groups and Internet companies are rallying behind this new legislation in an effort to maintain the openness of the Web.

Paul Misener, the Vice President for Global Policy at Amazon.com, expressed Amazon’s support of the bill and said:

“Openness is the fundamental characteristic of the Internet whereby consumers can pull to themselves whatever information they seek. It’s good for those consumers, it’s good for innovation…”

Google has also voiced support of the bill. According to Rick Whitt, Google’s Washington Telecom and Media Counsel, the search engine supports the bill not just for what it would do for Google, but to give opportunities for the “next Google.”

Presidential candidates are also taking a stance on the subject of net neutrality. Right now, both Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support net neutrality. Republicans John McCain and Ron Paul are against it, but Mike Huckabee supports it.

For more information on these developments, check out the WebProNews video on the subject.

Topic of Net Neutrality Gains Momentum
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  • Guest

    Nice video/report on a complex subject.

  • Scott

    We need net freedom, not net neutrality.  Ron Paul has it right.

    • Chris

      Explain how handing control of the net to corporations effictivally cutting out the small companies traders and individuals, would be considered Net Freedom?

      Where is the innovation going to be if the only way you can access the internet to display your thoughts/ideas or goods is by shelling money over to corporations for preferential treatment.

      The only way is to protect the neutrality of the net, The argument that control of the net is the only way to raise funds to build a better network is designed only to fool the gullible.

      Supply and demand will ensure the funds are always there. and competition will ensure the prices are equitable. Remove competition and only greed rules.

  • Grace

    I agree with Chris — well said!

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