Top Three Gmail Labs Features Identified

    June 17, 2008

Gmail users have had the better part of two weeks to play around in the new Gmail Labs.  With that sort of introductory period drawing to a close, the three most popular features are being given a bit of special recognition.

When Gmail Labs first launched, there were 13 features with which users could experiment.  Since checking email is usually a routine, in-and-out process, that’s sort of a lot, and so promoting the top three makes sense.

"Superstars" is the first to get mentioned in an Official Gmail Blog post.  Its basic function: "[a]dds new star designs to better differentiate important email."  This should help turn reading subject lines into a matter of scanning colorful pictures.

Next up is the self-explanatory "Pictures in chat."  The feature’s more eye candy than practicality, perhaps, but at least it goes towards catching up with what others have been doing for years.

Finally, "Quick Links," which "[b]ookmarks common Gmail views," apparently got a lot of use, too.  It’s not far removed from a traditional list of favorites, but its added flexibility (bookmark drafts, searches, or whatever) is interesting.

So there you have it.  Don’t go following any crowds off bridges, but these three Gmail features have received a fairly convincing level of approval from early adopters.