Top 10 News Searches: Another Year In Paris

    December 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Sure, Google searchers like to keep abreast on world events, as long as those world events happen near Paris. Ahem, Paris Hilton that is. Like jewelry, we like our celebrities, and news about our celebrities, shiny, dumb and useless

The second installment (here’s the first installment) of what topped Google’s search charts in ’06 comes from the News category. Of all the outrageous stuff that went down this year, news about Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom was the most sought after by Google News searchers.

Before that Top 10 list, here’s a list of just some of the outrageous stuff that went down in 2006, but didn’t even blip the Google searcher’s radar:

1. In a major sweep, Democrats take control of Congress

2. Rumsfeld resigned.

3. Mark Foley happened

4. Vice President shot friend in face

5. Three 6 Mafia wins an Oscar

6. Bob Ney and Jack Abramoff commit treason

7. Google buys YouTube

8. Katie Couric leaves Today Show

9. Tom Cruise flips out

10. Kramer commits career suicide

But no. Google searchers wanted Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. So, whatever, I give up.

Here’s the Top 10 Google News Searches for 2006:

1. Paris (friggin) Hilton – Because the devil wears Prada

2. Orlando Bloom – Because we’ll never forget Legolas

3. Cancer – Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkills

4. Podcasting – Word of the Year 2005 nobody knew till now

5. Hurricane Katrina – Because only the government and news forgot

6. Bankruptcy – Moral or financial?

7. Martina Hingis – Even though tennis is boring

8. Autism – Tom Cruise didn’t know its history, we had to google it

9. 2006 NFL Draft – Da da da DA!

10. Celebrity Big Brother – Because reality and unreality mix so well


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