Top Five Blackberry Storm Reviews

New Device from RIM Seems to Be Winning Over Users

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The new BlackBerry storm mobile device hit store shelves on Friday and sold over 100,000 units over the weekend according to InformationWeek. Not all of us are so eager to plop down our hard earned money without getting to know a device a little better though. Thankfully, there are plenty of people to review it and give us walkthroughs of the device’s capabilities, five of which are the subjects of this article.

1. From MobilityToday.com

Let’s start off with the longest and most informative review of them all. If you don’t have a half hour to kill, you can skip this video, but if you’re really considering purchasing a Blackberry Storm, you’ll probably want to watch this one. You might even enjoy it if you have already purchased one, as it is a nice guide discussing all of the features and functions of the device.

The narrator talks about the comfort of the device as it fits in the hand. It’s got small dimensions, yet a good size screen. It’s not too heavy, yet it’s nice and solid. He also discusses the excellent battery life , memory, and auto-focus camera among many other things. He also compares it to the Blackberry Bold.

2. From PocketNow.com

If you don’t have a half hour to kill, and you’d rather cut to the chase, this next one and the rest of them combined are still not as long as the first one, but none of these are quite as informative, although they are still useful themselves.

This guy talks a bit about the reception from the service and says he hears no white noise, and people on the other end hear no background noise. He notes that the speaker volume is the loudest he’s ever heard. He says the email functionality is fantastic, and nothing (even the iPhone) comes close in that regard.

He calls the operating system fantastic and elegant, and talks about how the device can seamlessly switch networks. Overall, he says he’s happy with the Blackberry Storm, and would give it a 3 out of 5, but says it has the potential to be greater, once some kinks (which he discusses in the video) are worked out. He finds the touch screen a bit "squirrelly."

3. From PhoneDog.com

This review was done during the first day of owning the device. The reviewer in this video breaks down some pros including the browser, which he describes as the "best Blackberry browser yet," and the "beautiful display," as well as great 3G data and email.

He also throws in some cons like the touchscreen, which he says may limit typing speed, and a lack of wifi. He also says it’s bulkier and heavier than other touch phones. Overall, he says to try it before you buy it.

4. From: Megawhat.tv

Despite the criticism of the touchscreen by the previous two reviewers, this guy seems to really enjoy it. He notes that unlike the iPhone, it’s clickable and has a nice scrolling ability. It won’t do anything until you click on it, and you can easily use your thumbs when you’re typing.

He also plays up the email angle, saying how good that is. He shows a lot of good shots of the devices screen, and gives a nice little tour of some of the devices features. He notes that it has a good screen for video and a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash that takes video.

Overall he says its good, with a great interface, and a great touchscreen.

5. From Stuff.tv

The woman in the last review says she had some pretty high expectations for the Blackberry storm, and that in the end it lived up to them. She talks about the clickable interface as well, calling it "handy for navigation" and noting how it cuts down on errors when typing.

She also plays up the email aspect and the browser, which "looks great", and has good zooming capability.

She looks at some other things like video, Google Maps and Flickr on the device before the review is over. She also notes that it is good for music, as it syncs with iTunes.

Watching these reviews, I have to say that not only do the reviewers seem to think it’s a pretty good device, it’s really making me want to get one myself. I believe this is going to be a popular device as time goes on and more people have a chance to purchase one. Despite a few minor complaints by some (which are pretty much countered by others), it looks pretty awesome.

Top Five Blackberry Storm Reviews
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  • http://creativeherb.com creativeherb

    I think I’m just going to stick with my iPhone and the insane amount of apps for now, till a cell phone manufacturer comes out with a good Android phone for me to make the transition.

    • JAC

      Hey, I’m new to all this touch phones madnes (iPhone, Storm, etc.).  I’m actually planning to get one but still considering to make a smart choice.  You mentioned something about inane amount of apps for the iPhone.  Those apps you have to pay for them right? So the more apps you get, more $$$?  What happen if you lost your phone or it gets broken, do U have to download those apps again and pay once more?

      • Guest

         There are over 10,000 apps now for the iPhone.  About 1/2 of them are for free.  Most of the paid apps cost between .99 and 4.99.  If you lose your iPhone or have to do a hard reset, you can still reload them on your iPhone, as iTunes stores and keeps track of all the apps for you.

        If you want a touch screen smart phone, the iPhone is hard to beat.  I love mine!

      • Guest

        Yes, but with the iPhone you still have to deal with AT&T’s lousy coverage which is why I have avoided getting one even though I think it’s very cool. Verizon is BY FAR the best for coverage (and I’ve tried them all).

  • Samuel

    Most Blackberry owners are power email users, so the ability to rapidly write many emails each day is very important. I went to the local Verizon store on the 1st day the Storm was available with every intention to buy one. After spending 30 minutes trying out the demo, I decided not to buy. The Storm is not engineered for power email users. The keys are too small to avoid errors, and the screen does not permit the speeds that can be attained with the Blackberry Bold.

     The only reviewer that addresses this email issue was from PhoneDog.com.  I actually thought the other reviewers were paid by Verizon not to address the power email inadequacy. 

    • Pete

      It’s funny that you say that. You only spent 30 minutes using it and came to a conclusion that it was inadequate. Most people that I know had to spend a good amount of time learning how to use ANY Blackberry, let alone one with a touchscreen. I have had my Storm since the day it came out and my emails keep getting quicker and quicker. Once you learn how to use the phone properly you will be able to take advantage of all the time saving features that all of the other Blackberries have had in the past. By the way I am NOT paid by Verizon, I was actually going to leave Verizon’s service to try the Bold. I can gladly say that I made the right decision. But everyone’s different.

  • James Gould



    With my Palm TX I was able to use a separate IR Keyboard for taking notes during meetings or writing documents while away from home. 

    Will the Storm allow for a small retractable key board like the one utilized by Palm TX?  Many thanks.  Am encouraged with your reports. 

  • Guest

    I am an experienced Blackberry user. Like most Blackberry users I am an enterprise user that manages allot of email. That said, I like Gadgets as well since I do use this for personal effectiveness as well.  If I can accomplish the coolness of  Iphone while still being effective as a high volume business user I would be happy.  I’ve gone to the VZ Store and have been disappointed in their knowledge and feedback on the storm.  I’ve tried two different reps so far and neither know anything about them.  The display model was hard for me to adapt to but am wondering if this will still be effective as a business tool. Feedback and Opinions please. Objectivity a must.  

    • Guest

      I decided to scroll reviews before making the final decision to send mine back and saw your question. I am not a tech freak, so I think I can be pretty objective. I travel a great deal so consolidation of gadgets was key for me as was the email usability. I have had it for 20 days now and each day I think it will get a little easier to use. Unfortunately, it ain’t gonna happen. As a woman who doesn’t have man hands, I think it is incredibly hard to type without error, particulalry because of the clicking part (I tried my firend’s iPhone and it was significantly easier). I am told you have to “train” your phone before it gets easier, which I don’t have time for. Further, I have only ever successfully typed in landscape mode since that is the only way you get the full keyboard. I understand transition is slow at first – I had a tough time going from typing on a standard phone to a BB, but picked it up within days. I am not sure how to explain it but it is much harder on this phone. Bottom line – it is pretty, everyone wants to look at it and it contains all of the gadgets you probably need, but when it comes to actually getting work done – forget it. Sorry – I was hopeful. Maybe youwill have better luck.

  • not buying

    With some excellent marketing building up to the relase of the Storm, I was excited to go purchase.  When I went to the Verizon store to give it a test drive, it took almost no time to realize I would definitely pass.  I wouldn’t pay $100, and certainly not $200.  It was difficult to navigate, impossible to type, and it was consistently slow to switch screens and views.  Sorry guys, maybe next time.  And when next time comes, don’t waste your efforts making a huge marketing ordeal if the product can’t back it up. 

  • Azazel

    I paid well over $500.00 for it retail price and I finally love it! In the beginning I was skeptical too, but having owned blacberry devices in the past, you either love the experience or you hate it! There are a couple adjustments that one has to get used to…The touch/click screen is one of them…It’s awkward to say the list using a touchscreen keyboard that is so small and yields such a great margin for error when typing. I find myself repeatedly correcting words. There is an anoying feature that completes words for you when you type and I will have to figure out if it can be shut off as it is slow and cumbersome to use and creates typos for you more than helps out. There are two keyboards on there and the numeric one in portrait mode is simply silly to say the least. I cannot figure out how to form a short word with it, yet alone type with it an SMS or e-mail message, etc. There are learning curves and tradeoffs, but if you’re willing to get past them, you will absolutely love the touchscreen device, but if you are super picky or technology challenged you might just end up hating it!

  • should i get the storm

    i want a blackberry storm but i am completely undecided!! help what should i do. blackberry storm or curve??

  • Guest

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned one of the biggest annoyances I’m having with my Storm – the non-linear feel of the clicking screen. One area clicks distinctly and easily, another barely clicks with much effort, and ranges elsewhere in between…

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  • SDK

    At first I was very excited about getting one. The first one came in and the OS was very slow. Kept freezing up. They sent a replacement and the glass screen was loose. Got the thired one and the back light would not dim and once again, it kept freezing up. Went back to the curve. I wouldn’t waste any money on it.

  • http://www.barrywheeler.ca Barry Wheeler

    Personally, after seeing the BlackBerry Storm, I think it’s a bust. Lacks the performance of the iPhone.

    Apple will dominate this market as it does with the iPod!

  • John

    First of all I’ve owned both, I owned a 1st Gen iPhone and am now a Storm owner. There were many issues with my iPhone, but none BIGGER than the cell phone service of it being able to pick up signals.

    Let’s be realist, first things first… It’s a cell phone, any features above and beyond that is what makes or breaks it only after the service quality.

    AT&T absolutely sucks, their coverage has been horrible. I loved my iPhone but the lack of MMS messaging on it and copy/paste features and no Java are BIG BIG issues in my opinion.

    Of course there are 10,000 apps for the iPhone and very few for the storm… Look how long the iPhone has been out ?!?! I miss the feature of having an iPod in my phone but when it comes right down to it, The STORM is a better product even though I’m a big MAC fan. Anyone with issues with the storm browser can change it to IE or Firefox and it runs like it’s not on a mobile network.. in other words the web things its a mac or pc.

    Service on AT&T doesn’t even come close to how GREAT Verizon is… I’ve had Sprint, Nextel, Cingular / AT&T and Verizon as my cell carrier.

    Sprint (we won’t eve go there), Nextel was AWESOME until Sprint bought them and they started to drop calls.. AT&T was so so and I finally broke down and swtiched to Verizon. In the end.. Verizon coverage is AMAZING.. and now with them acquiring Alltel, they will be even more amazing than they are now !!

  • Rich Y

    These are the 5 best reviews on the net?! Funny how all of them are mostly positive. Considering all the real reviews around the net have said that the Storm is a failure.

    Nice selective choices on your reviews. Try picking more that talk about how bad this phone is. Who the hell are these people — top 5 on the net. Hah… no one knows these people.

    • Guest

      Why dont you tell us whats wrong with instead of sounding life a failure yourself

    • Abdrew

      So one thing I’ve noticed about online reviews is how everyone says how in love they are with the iPhone but don’t give the storm a chance to stand on its own. Having tried both the iPhone is a bit more polished. But the Storm is leaps ahead of most other touchscreens. I don’t like the samsung touchscreens at all. Just too frustrating. The Storm could use more polish for sure but I think its going in a good direction.

  • Steve

    OK so I have had the BB Storm for about one month and yes at first I did think it was junk.s i

    But now its the greatest gadget I own, because you need to spend time with it and now that I have and learned all about it, I am having so much fun with it, and as far as the keyboard, yes it does take time to get used to it, but heck give yourself some time with it before you give it a negative rating.
    BTW I have an Ipod Touch 16gb which i have had well over a year and it took time using it.

    • sara varnasseri

      does it freeze lots??

  • Guestmgl87

    My BB storm will arive to me next week.

    I have read countless reviews of ppl bagging this phone. I have never been a blackberry user but have an optimistic outlook for this phone.

    Everything takes getting use to. Enough time will pass and i am sure that this phone will appeal to me.

    There is no wifi on this phone , wow!! There is no ability to send mms on an iphone. Each phone has its ups and downs but i will let u all knoW!!

    kind regard, Mick

    • Common Sense

      They’re bagging the Storm for good reason, it’s not all that great, original or functional. When someone tries to copy another’s work because of its’ success, it loses right out of the starting gate. RIM needed to be creative and original here and failed miserably. They’re only saving grace is their stronghold in the workplace but that’s quickly dissipating as the iPhone makes its’ way into the Enterprise, quite easily I might add without the extra cost of servers (BES) and Enterprise data plans. And please don’t tell me this Surepress technology is innovative and original because it’s not, it’s dumb! If you’re going to make a touch screen, go all the way and make one, not half way.

      To put it simply, the iPhone is a lifestyle choice with the convergence of work meets personal all in a single device and has accomplished this in record time with impeccable performance and style. Sure one device might have a “perk” the other hasn’t but when taking EVERYTHING into consideration, nothing comes close to the iPhone for the all-in-one mobile/smartphone/handheld solution and it’s only going to get stronger and better; something proven with the announcement of OS 3.0. I don’t understand why anyone would waste their money on the Storm. The Bold is a much better device where BB’s are concerned but for a superior touch screen mobile device with an endless amount of great apps, great multimedia, excellent GUI interface, functionality and Enterprise support, the iPhone is the way to go. Common sense will tell you that.

      One other thing, all these claims that wifi is not necessary on the Storm because of how fast Verizon’s 3G network is, is short sighted because it is not nearly as fast as a wifi G network. So yes, it is important to have wifi given its’ prevalence everywhere not to mention is less of a load on the battery than 3G communication and will save on data usage for those without unlimited plans.

      I say either stay Bold or go iPhone if you want the best of both worlds. The Storm belongs in the garbage.

  • Guest

    Switching away from Sprint, via a gifted iPhone, seemed a no-brainer. UNTIL…I met AT&T!! If one didn’t have to use it as a phone on AT&T’s unbelievably shoddy network there would be far less angst present. Furthermore, had the the “unlock” shareware been available when I received it, as opposed to being strapped into an extremely lame 2yr. contract of the most crappy service around, I would be a happier human…and so would the iPhone for that matter.

    How can everyone be so adamant about how amazing and unbeatable the iPhone is…the name is a friggin oxymoron in itself!!

    If it had been called the iApp, or the iEmail, or even the iText it would have been more accurate. In its current state the “iPhone” just ISN’T! The “Phone” is the weakest part of the device on the US AT&T service network. Once the device is *unlocked*, using the iPhone on an overseas SIM pay & go network really does rock and it finally starts to live up to it’s name. However, when not overseas the “iPhone” definitely DOES NOT equalize itself with the other devices on the market simply due to the EXTREMELY POOR service that Steve Jobs chose to align himself with (AT&T got really really lucky on that deal). SAD for all of us consumers thought they might be getting a real phone. Can’t have it all I suppose…but what a bummer!

  • http://www.mobiclue.com mobiclue

    Blackberry storm is simply awesome .Great features and design . But there is less number of mobile applications right now .

  • http://car2be.com/ Used Saturn

    Let’s start off with the longest and most informative review of them all. If you don’t have a half hour to kill, you can skip this video, but if you’re really considering purchasing a Blackberry Storm, you’ll probably want to watch this one. You might even enjoy it if you have already purchased one, as it is a nice guide discussing all of the features and functions of the device.

  • http://www.uycw.co.cc/ Young Web World

    but Personally, after seeing the BlackBerry Storm, I think it’s a bust. Lacks the performance of the iPhone.

  • Ok

    1+ Year with my Storm 1

    Four very strong reasons to NEVER purchase another Blackberry Storm.

    1) Exceptionally poor phone, either they hear you or you hear them. Unless you keep moving the phone up and down your cheek you will need to pick one.
    2) Will periodically and randomly disconnect from net work. Infrequent but irritating.
    3) Will periodically and randomly change to vibrate only. This bug happens a lot!
    4) Painfully slow camera. PAINFULLY slow! Does not automatically store pictures in picture folder. Really long time to take another picture. The worst excuse for a camera I have ever seen.

    After this burn, Blackberry is going to have to bend over backwards to expect me to consider any of their products again.

    My first and LAST Blackberry.

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