Top AIM Developer Now With Google

    October 10, 2006

Justin Uberti announced Saturday that he has left AOL after nearly 10 years as a lead developer for the company’s widely utilized AOL Instant Messenger software.

He joins the Google development team this week.

The Googleplex is rapidly becoming the equivalent of Yankee Stadium as Erich Schmidt, the George Steinbrenner of ebusiness, signs yet another free agent to his roster. In his Tales of a Running Man blog, Justin Uberti confirmed Saturday that he would indeed leave AOL, setting sail for Kirkland, WA and the open arms of Google’s development team.

Along with his role on the role on the AIM development team, Uberti was a major player in the Open AIM Initiative, a project designed to make the code base for AOL Instant Messenger available to small businesses, developers, and web communities.

This move is but the latest in a string of high profile acquisitions by the search engine behemoth.

Microsoft has felt the worst sting as Vic Gundotra, Kai-Fu Lee, Marc Lucovsky, and Joe Beda all bid the company adieu in the span of two years to take up professional residence at the “The Plex”.

It is yet unsure of how much insight Uberti can lend to his specific role on the development team, according to his new blog.

However, the logical assumption is that he will play a pivotal role in the joint venture between Google and AOL to integrate communication between both their instant messaging applications.

So as we reflect upon the Yankees being unceremoniously expelled from the postseason by the upstart Tigers, it will be interesting to see if team chemistry becomes a factor in Google’s ever growing all-star lineup.

One begins to wonder what personnel moves will the company make next?

Let’s hope for Google’s sake that the company’s enthusiasts are more lenient than Yankee fans.


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